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  1. Hi,

    Possibly mate, I’m slightly hesitant because I’ve yet to discover if my rhd ones are actually working, not that I’ve any reason to believe they won’t. It’s just I’d hate to sell the lhd ones just to discover mine are faulty, as the internals are a straight swap.

    However I am hoping to have a Corrado up and running, to some degree soon. A friend is coming over on Friday to help me push on with one of mine(sadly I do have 3). So, if you’re not in too much of a rush I’d like to test all the sets I have to determine if they are actually working. Wouldn’t like to sell you a dud either. Is yours lhd? Or are you planning to diy them in?




  2. You keep coming on here without replying to me, what's going on with my refund as it's clear your not sending me the goods I paid you for in good faith

  3. hello..................

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