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  1. is the car still for sale ?

  2. 131k, MOT/Tax up at end of August. Full service history, a box file full of receipts, old MOT's etc. 2 sets of keys, remote locking with full closure. Sunroof tilts and slides. Additions are a BMC CDA, upgraded headlight loom, german plates (also a UK pair to go with her) Audioscape door pods, with MB quartz components up front (tweeters mounted in stock dash pods, crossovers are hidden in dash) Alpine head unit with full iPod/iPhone control, Alpine amp and 10" boxed sub in the boot (easily removable so boot still fully useable) Cons: One front fog cracked, new wheel bearing needed offside rear, ABS light stuck on. Small rust bubbles around rear number plate light. Really need a more economical motor now, so sadly the VR now has to go. Recent work includes new discs pads and one new caliper up front, new water pump, new offside wing, fitted and sprayed by VW. Also new plugs, leads about 6 months ago. Overall good condition inside and out. Looking for £1300 which I think is a fair price, given the condition and additions. Any questions please give me a call, 07795833210
  3. Thanks for the reply, will try that. Can they be disconnected at the sensor end or do I need to dig around in the dash? --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?cqkeqd
  4. Morning all, having an issue with the Conlog 900 fitted to my VR6. Both fobs still work fine, both unlock and disarm the alarm/immobiliser, and both lock and activate alarm/immobiliser, and full closure of windows/roof. The problem I have is that after a couple of minutes once the car has been locked, the alarm goes off, the hazards flash, and the siren sounds (I have discon'd this while I find the problem). Had a good search through the old posts but can't find anything relevant, so, anyone got any good ideas on where to start looking first? I have tried a manual reset of the system using the socket type thing under the dash that you can push the fob into, and have tried disconnecting the main battery for a few minutes to try and give it a hard reset, but this hasn't worked either. Any ideas folks? Cheers all!
  5. Mines still going strong after 2 years. Not a single problem. Great piece of kit. --- I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?bsqe1z
  6. Must've been an early coilpack then? 93? A fine example of the "parts bin left over" ethos, that the Karmann employees upheld at the old/new crossover period...
  7. The earlier VR's came with red badges, later with silver. It doesn't indicate any difference, although the earlier VR engine had a distributor, late ones had a coilpack. So a slight difference!
  8. Do you have the same problem across different browsers? Firefox, Google Chrome etc? Just thinking it may be Internet Explorer "remembering" the "old" forum, I was having the same problem on IE (Firefox was fine), I found that clearing IE of all browsing history (Cookies, Forms etc), then googling the forum, and navigating to the forum via the google result (i.e. not through a stored Favourite/Bookmark) Try getting rid of your old bookmarks, clearing history on IE, see if that helps, if it were your laptop or connection, you'd have the same problem on all sites...
  9. Yeah i have Tapatalk, just never really got on with it that well, the layout just seems awkward, the latter sounds moree like it. Cheers Andi.
  10. Yeah it's a hell of a price! That's without any options too (although the GTI has most things as standard). Add a Winter Pack, Convenience Pack, Sensor Pack, MFA Steering Wheel, upgraded Climate Control, etc etc and you're well above £20k.
  11. It's The iPhone I use most for browsing here, on the train, loo, wherever. I just want the "new posts" to appear when the CF title in the banner is clicked, just as it used to. I know it's a relatively small niggle and that you're bombed out with other problems, so no pressure!
  12. Andi, is it possible with the new software, to make the CF title in the banner link us straight to a list of new posts as it used to?
  13. I think the previous model Fabia I would've gone for, the new model is fugly though IMO, shame really!
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