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  1. Grey Corrado spotted twice in Isleham (Cambs) this morning whilst my lad was playing football, looked and sounded great...did I hear a dump valve?
  2. I think that was me you were following round Brands! Really nice to meet you at the show, did you manage to video the lap? Would love to see it! Martin
  3. Good to see you again! I did stay for the parade lap but still sat on the M25 for ages!
  4. I hadn't actually seen this thread so didn't know this was going on but great to meet so many of you and thanks for making us feel very welcome on the stand, even though we were not booked in! I was there all weekend and thought it was a really good show and a great line up of Corrado's! I've got quite a few pics and some video footage of the parade lap. Might be quicker to upload on Facebook than on here - I did request to join the CCGB FB group but not been approved yet (not sure if it's Members only but definitely plan on rejoining after the weekend). Martin
  5. Nugget yellow J reg on black wheels in Quendon (Essex) this morning anyone? Looked really nice and brightened up a dull morning commute!
  6. I saw this on Adams Facebook and was gutted for you - I even shared on some local pages as your only up the road. Having had mine damaged by hit & run incidents on more than one occasion (albeit not as bad) I really do feel your pain. Glad to see its getting sorted, and really hope that by some miracle you trace the scumbag responsible!
  7. that would be me! cheers, are you local to SW then? Whilst I'm here, a spot of my own - G reg grey 16v spotted parked in bishops Stortford, appears to have parcel tape over one of the rear quarter Windows, anyone?
  8. We also use Kinetic at HIC - from memory I think their Classic policy will accept up to 10k miles (obviously costs more the higher you have it), must Classic policies will only allow around 7.4k. Hope that helps
  9. White j plate just outside bishops stortford at around 10am this morning?
  10. now on Ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121823510137?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  11. Reluctant sale of my radio control 1/10 scale Corrado! Its based on an Ansmann ARE-2 chassis with a Kamtec Corrado bodyshell (missing a couple of body clips but these are pence on ebay etc). It does work although does require some setting up to the steering as there is not much steering lock (I've never bothered as only ever used as a static display model since I built it) . It includes a standard 540 motor, electronic speed control, radio gear and battery (not sure how good this is). The battery and ESC connectors have been upgraded to Deans connectors. It is fitted with BBS style wheels with drift tyres but another set of wheels / tyres are included. The chassis itself is in very good condition with just a few minor scuffs underneath from outside use. £60.00 + postage (£10) or collection from Saffron Walden, Essex. O758O one one O 749
  12. Red one in Radwinter at about 8:30am today? Made a change that I was actually in mine!
  13. Random tv spot tonight, flicking through Tv channels and ended up watching a programme called "when vacations attack" and spotted this sad sight:
  14. ahh cool, VR6? I think I spotted you last week too whilst in mine (pearl grey H reg G60) waiting to pull out by the mountbatten but I was a few cars back so doubt you would have seen me! I'm in Saffron Walden but work in Stortford! You?
  15. 2 today! (Wheeler dealers effect?) first I spotted a dark green M reg as I was going into Bishops Stortford at about 8.30am (sadly I wasnt in mine), then my wife sent me a pic of a red G reg parked on Saffron Walden High Street late afternoon!
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