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  1. Cat C cars are generally worth half the market value to three quarters of current market value maximum. Although you will find an arse for every seat - someone will buy it for what it is . PM me the details of the car please
  2. What about the bump you had last year was that recorded as that will also impact on the value
  3. Spot on with the pics - I also just emailed someone last night about this car having seen it advertised on Car and Classic Looks nice , good luck with the sale .
  4. Having seen this car several times it is nice but overpriced in my opinion Haggle with him as its been for sale for over two years now
  5. Will be Misterbeck on here who was recently looking for a black leather trim
  6. red arrow

    Oh dear..!!

    Yes it's a common issue - even more so on Mk2 Golfs Can be fixed though
  7. Who was the Factor in question as ours does not seem to want to know about any issues
  8. Thanks for the advice - I feel he is not very approachable but probably because he knows he is in the wrong to be honest or maybe he genuinely does not know about the title deeds having restrictive covenants - even then you would think out of decency to park it in the bays rather than it being a total obstruction and eyesore.
  9. Hi long and short is new neighbour moved in and has parked his hightop transit reversed up his drive with ladders on top and all the jargon he does written all over the thing - we have about 4 feet between our driveways but now we cannot see up our street and would have been better building a wall to be honest !!! Been in my house nearly 17 years and Title Deeds clearly state no vans , caravans etc up your drive and only last year was it agreed that vans could park in the visitors and residents areas in my street . I would like to know how best to go about having it moved as its a total eyesore and very imposing on our property - as well as taking £15 - £20k of the value of my property . Can I enforce the title deeds or would I be better trying to approach the subject and see if would be willing to move it into the parking bays ? My old neighbour who was in the house moved out because of the issue with vans in our estate and then they sell to someone with a van !!!! Any advice gladly appreciated as its driving me crazy 5 months in and now the light nights are here its an eyesore.
  10. Amazon Firestick is way better imo
  11. Yes Dayco and UFI supply the filtration - cannot remember the cost - sorry
  12. I worked for the company who supplied ferrari with the belts and all filters
  13. What are the first set of rims???
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