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  1. There is no OE anti theft module, there is only an optional unit that was dealer-fit ("Cobra" branded I think). This is not factory integration it's about as reliable as any other after market bodge. Personally I would have it removed, or remove it myself. Unless it's different in North American cars I can't see it being any use in the modern market anyway as it's lost its insurance rating a long time ago.
  2. If you have vagcom/obdeleven/vcds you can read off from the ECU whether start was allowed or not by the built in immobilizer. For what it's worth, iirc failures with this usually mean the car fires but won't run for more than a second or so. Coincidentally having one of the above diags tools will allow you to find what's really wrong with it... Sounds like your aftermarket immobilizer is preventing start to me.
  3. I thought it was the push switch in the rear hatch. (The one that came loose and fell inside.......!!!)
  4. Anyone know of any scanning facilities?
  5. Re the NOS falling apart too .. This doesn't surprise me. We really need someone to get some 3D scans done and open source these parts.
  6. Sounds like a carcoat damphands piece, lol. I take exception to the description of the pictured car as "unmodified", sitting as it does at least 30mm lower than a standard car, if not 50mm... A fun write up though. :)
  7. The future of most corrados is undoubtedly electric traction motor from an e-golf...
  8. I'm sure I found them selling a headlamp for a late car at one point, but it's not listed any more. 60 Euro. Ouch. But yeah, they are rare and unique ... !
  9. Yes it's a problem .. you can buy new old stock headlights, but I've only ever found one side. https://www.vwheritage.com/536941018-headlight-for-right-hand-drive-right-vw-spare I fabricated something: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?108656-Headlights-still-poor
  10. Relieved to say "404 page not found"..!
  11. Serious engineering work there. I'm sure VW could design it..
  12. These don't look big enough to me. It needs to be about 30mm diameter.
  13. The knurled knob is a bit weak, but that's no big deal, it's the large plastic grommit type part that engages into the rear of the headlamp housing and has the screw thread through the middle of that breaks. You don't need to touch the adjuster to remove the lens, but it's very hard to put so little pressure on the adjuster that you get the reflector out without breaking it, it's phenomenally fragile. 3D printed replacements would be GREAT. If you can find an undamaged one to copy .. !!!
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