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  1. Wonderful progress, the pictures are fabulous
  2. Sorry Chiswick, my bad memory! Haha yup I'll pop over and get them, if they're at the same price 😉 Post up some pics of your car whenever you have time Hasan
  3. Hi Stefan, i bought some foglights from you....about 15 years ago. I think you were near to Hammersmith at the time. Good to see you back here! Hasan
  4. fla

    Horn not working

    Thanks both. Yes I'll pull the relay and give it a clean, as well as trying the circuit with a bulb
  5. fla

    Horn not working

    ok, not working again. New horns, relay 53 is fine (clicks ok) just a weak noise from the horns. How does the horn wiring run go from the horns to the fuse panel? I've touched the horn spades directly to but its the same. I'm only assuming that there must be some kind of partial break in the wiring somewhere
  6. Great, many thanks. Should i mention that he did yours and therefore came from a referral?
  7. Matt, would you mind advising this chap in Watford please? I'm in Northwood so not too far from him. Thanks Hasan
  8. This looks stunning, do you really want to break it? Btw, what supercharger do you have on it as i'm thinking of the same myself. What a supercharged VR like to live with (i know some make an annoying whining noise....)? Mine has aircon, so just wondering if that would be an issue for an intercooler.
  9. fla

    Solid air inlet elbow

    That's useful. I was planning on returning it, but I'll have a rethink now
  10. fla

    Solid air inlet elbow

    on their site they said for both the golf and corrado. Yes it fouls the strut tower very slightly too, but i think i can get around that with the silicone joiners. You're probably right i'll need to get it cut and flared by a machine shop, so i'll have to take some accurate measurements
  11. Bought an alloy air inlet elbow to replace the corrugated flexible one which invariably leaks. Problem is, it seems to be too long to allow the BMC to fit. This is from Bar-tek. Has anyone else had the same issue and if so how did you sort it? I'm assuming I'll need to cut some of the end off? Don't want to cut either too much or too little, so again any info here would be great What is the best solution to seal the extra port (for the old isv)? Mine is obd2 so dont need it Thanks Hasan
  12. Wow James, this is just amazing. Congrats on the completion and hope you really get to enjoy it. Would love to see this immaculate unicorn sometime
  13. Ah, good idea. For me it was pot luck if it changed page or not. Most of the time i was only able to read just the opened page Just another question - was there any way to retrieve all those pics and information accumulated over the years? I know its not an easy task
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