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  1. Cressa, I've got a spare check valve for the fuel line if you haven't got one. Send me your address and I'll pop it in the post to you. Its one of the alloy ones. Should be a pic in my build thread. Hasan
  2. interesting mileage..
  3. Tony, just wondering if the starter clutch spindle needs cleaning?. If it spins but doesn't engage it may be that the driver gear is being prevented from being thrown out. Hasan
  4. Mine click- without the fusebox cover its significantly louder!
  5. Ah schoolboy error! The two spade terminals BR and 31 are extremely close together. I was using a spade connector too large for the terminals and this was shorting across. Back to o-level basics for me!
  6. I have replaced my rear indicators with leds. But if i press the brakes with the indicators on they stop working. Perfectly fine with normal bulbs though. And in fact with some other less bright leds they were also ok. So it seems they get shorted out when the brakes are applied. Tried turning them too but that didnt work. Any suggestions? I have all red rears so need the ultra bright leds to flash orange, normal bulbs don't really work..
  7. fla

    rusty coolant water

    When i flushed mine out years back i did the following: Drain the old coolant from the bottom hose Refill from the top hose Circulate until the fans come on Allow to cool and drain. Keep the drain hole.open and put the hose pipe into the header tank. Fill the system and start the engine. Keep the water going and the engine running. You'll see some steam start yo come from the header. Once the water is clear, close the drain and remove the hose. Circulate for a short while. Allow to cool, drain and fill with the VW rad flush liquid - its bright orange. Circulate this for about 20 mins. Allow to cool, drain and flush with fresh water. Drain again and refill.via the top hose with the correct mix of g12+ and deionised water. Bleed by massaging the hoses. Good luck!
  8. Pics available anywhere? Spec certainly looks impressive, although James' is potentially even better!
  9. whilst it isn't the most efficient (you'll feel a slight kick when the compressor switches on and the slight drop of power), it does blow very cold indeed. Mine needs a bit of a service, but in terms of cooling i found it really very good.
  10. Good info, thanks for sharing. If you've taken any pics those might be useful too.
  11. fla

    Mocal hoses

    Just doung a few maintenance jobs on the car. One of the hoses to the mocal was slightly split so i cut it off and rejoined it to the coupling. However its just not going further along the fitting as per the photo. Its also pretty hard to remove now without cutting the hose. For this much length will it be ok using a clamp on the hose or should i cut it off and try again?
  12. Stunning pics - saw them on fb too. Credit to your efforts Keyo Hasan
  13. fla

    dash speakers

    Thanks Graham. Not to worry, my projects on the car, no matter how simple have a habit of just dragging on!
  14. Good advice Sean, thanks. It's these little tips that make the difference between an average and good finish
  15. Useful notes guys, appreciated. Gliptone it is then. Is it generally quite easy or are there any areas to be aware of?
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