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  1. mnmv12

    LCD bleed

    Out of the blue the odometer lcd decided to bleed which although not disastrous was annoying and cut right through the mileage display making it difficult to read. Lcd is easy to remove and I was able to remove the bleed simply by pressing hard on the display with my thumb and working it towards the perimeter of the display. Took about 30mins and was a success, the remaining tiny specs disappeared on their own , fixed about 3 weeks ago and it hasn't come back so fingers crossed. Still not sure what caused it.
  2. Just got this, Not falling for it this time!
  3. I am sure its an electrical contact from a rotary switch probably the heater fan switch.
  4. Good idea, anything that raises awareness of these degenerate scumbags has to be a good thing for everyone on here.This is the mail I got. The banner at the top is a link to the forum
  5. Yea I’ve been using Autodoc for a few years now. I like being able to select a brand and I have never had any problems with them swapping items for other brands which some people have had. They seem to be much quicker now guess they must have sorted their Brexit paperwork.
  6. Thanks, I will try that. Anyway to lessen the pain I ordered a pair of Eibach front springs from Autodoc. I will report back on the ride height when I get them fitted.
  7. Yep Paypal - friend’s & family. Yes I know, dumb or what!
  8. I’m almost too embarrassed to write this and admit that I was scammed through my wanted post. What an old fool I am, I know better than that and I should I seen it coming a mile away, I just want the car back on the road so bad I lost my head for a minute. It wasn’t a lot of money but it’s the principle and you start to lose trust in everyone. Anyway a reminder to everyone, beware members who pm you directly and don’t be an idiot like me and do your research. I know, a lot of you have had this and spotted it straight away unfortunately desperation blinded me. I will put this down to experience and be grateful it was just a few quid and not my life savings P.S avoid member by the name of Gerald Hardwell or Andy Harnett!
  9. mnmv12

    VR6 springs

    I see that VW classic have now removed 535411105A from their website and I guess that is why Heritage refunded me although they never bothered to give a reason. The springs I fitted by mistake for an early VR6 with air on/auto were 191411105AF and are still available. The Eibach Pro Spring have a height of 315 which is pretty much the same as the standard early VR6 spring I am after but it has 8 coils instead of 7 so probably sits a little lower. This is probably the route I will go down if I can’t find a set of originals.
  10. mnmv12

    VR6 springs

    Cheers mate, fingers crossed the ones I tried to order from VW classic were described as 310 long and 145mm diameter. When I restored the suspension a few years ago I mistakenly ordered springs for a car with air con/auto gearbox which were 340 long(4 brown marks) and the ride height is too high at the front. I really don’t want to fit lowered springs, the roads are too bad round here, either that or I’m getting too old.
  11. mnmv12

    VR6 springs

    Hi I’m after a pair of original pre 94 VR6 springs if anyone has any or knows of anyone who might have. 1 green paint mark and 2 brown. Part number 535411105A. New or used. Thanks
  12. What’s happened to VW Heritage these days their communication is terrible. Tried to order some springs at beginning of April and there was a problem with the website and the pricing. You can’t speak to anyone any more so you send emails that they don’t acknowledge or reply to. I knew they were reading mine because they were updating the website each time I found a problem but the never told me they fixed it I just hat to keep logging on to check. Finally managed to place an order which they did acknowledge and have waited 8wks for them to arrive from Classic Parts. Today I got a refund into my bank but no word from Heritage emailed them for explanation and nothing. VW classic spares are showing them in stock so I am a little confused. Have given up with Heritage and will now directly with Classic or via Mecatechnic. Very frustrating.
  13. Just remember you will need to pay the Vat on top, the UK shipping agent will send you the bill.
  14. I did check with Pelican that it was a 4 bar pump and they confirmed it was. Bought from the US in the end after getting fed up of Uk supplies saying they had them in stock taking the order then 3 weeks later saying they don’t.
  15. Ordered one from these guys recently and they responded to all my questions to confirm VAG/VDO part numbers , arrived all ok albeit it took a month to actually arrive.
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