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  1. I've been so busy with work that I've had to shelve my plan of getting my rado legal this month. Highly annoying seen as the weather has been great! I'm looking to get it sorted for the 1st of June and will give all these suggestions a try. Chris Knott will be my first port of call due to the fact that you are present on our forum. Thank you for the web link! Very helpful. thank you to all.
  2. Hi all Lancaster have doubled my premium from last year, so I am looking to find a new company. Any recommendations of who to try (or avoid) would be helpful. Thank you.
  3. Sorry John, I forgot it was you that had previously posted. I've had a busy week and logged on in a rush. 🤦‍♂️ Keep your eyes out, as now they have a Corrado casting they will release other versions no doubt.
  4. I presume you managed to find one too then?
  5. They don't hang around on the shelf long and Smyths website is a joke. By the time they are showing in stock they have already been sold. They wouldn't allow Click and Collect either which made it near on impossible. One afternoon their Tamworth store started showing 6 in stock. I drove there as fast as legally possibly just to find out that it was a mistake! I bagged a couple in the end though, but I truly didn't think it was going to happen. Treated myself to one of the Fiats as well. The model looks a lot nicer than the art work thankfully, the body kit looks a bit over done in the art work.
  6. Nice find, hopefully some will make it's way to my local store. Thanks.
  7. Some Hot Wheel Corrado's have landed on Fleabay. Cheapest I have found so far is from a seller named mex-models. I am unable to add a link for some reason, so you will have to use the search seller function.
  8. mooG60

    VR6 Radiator

    I asked a local rad restorer and was told the same.
  9. mooG60

    VR6 Radiator

    It doesn't look like they are making a G60 version, unless you guys know different?
  10. For me the Forum is my only source for Corrado. I'm not signed up to Facebook and similar sites. The £15 charge is a bit of a hurdle I think. I see one or two new members creating an account most days. Nothing is free and personally I don't mind the sub charge, but I'm presuming people who use FB may find the charge off putting.
  11. Good to hear it went well. Must be pretty nippy with 223bhp to play with.
  12. Yes, where do you stop once started. Would have been good to experience both types though. From a mechanics prospective, selling the punters poly bush's will make their lives much easier, they probably hate axle removal jobs with a passion. How did the other works go?
  13. It alters the handling and makes a very harsh ride from what I read, so best to steer clear for sure.
  14. Picture one is a G60 with standard suspension. Picture two is a G60 with a coilover kit I'm wondering how these compare to other forum user's? The height on either of them doesn't look correct to me. Any input would be useful please chaps.
  15. Dark colour N plate this afternoon just off Bermuda island heading towards sunny Bedworth.
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