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  1. Not sure about factory immobiliser but it has a Clifford G4, that appears to be working as the ignition lights don't illuminate until the immobiliser has been activated I will check out the fuse after work hope its something simple, thanks for the replies
  2. looking for some advice My corrado is my second car and is normally only used at weekends in the summer, I keep it garaged up in the winter. The engine was rebuilt a couple of years back, with new coil pack HT leads fast road cams gas flowed head re-bored pistons, en-larged throttle body and has probably done a couple of thousand miles since. Being a " Storm ", I want to try and keep it as original as possible. It has not been used this year as we have been doing a lot of work on the house. I went out to move it yesterday to make way for a delivery, this is when the problems started. The battery was flat as expected so I went down to local garage and bought a new one. turned the key, it turned over revs rise to around 1500rpm and it then dies, I pulled the fuel line at the rail in the engine bay and when cranking the is a supply of fuel. I haven't tried bumping it yet ,looking for some suggestions Thanks
  3. I've been having the same problem slow response from the car when accelerating and also slow response when taking the foot off the throttle(engine revs stay high for a few seconds after releasing the pedal). First stop was the ignition leads they looked like the originals and since the car has covered 160,000 plus miles i thought the were looking pretty bad way, it was also worse when the weather was damp (raining) it felt like is was mis firing. Just got the Hazet tool to remove the HT leads yesterday, so I don' have conclusive proof but I have to say the throttle response so far is very smooth there doesn't appear to be the "Lag" that there was before the new leads were put on. I also sprayed the exterior of the throttle body and the cable with plenty of WD40 just in case it was sticking. (changed the spark plugs while I was at it) Worth a try checking the HT leads
  4. magnecor do set that are direct replacement in 7mm 8mm or 8.5mm. I have a set of 8.5mm on order they make them to order so it is a 2 week delivery time. the 7 or 8mm are off the shelf. Ibought a set of magnecours for a previous car back in 1998 and they are still performing well no perishing or breaking down, if you wanted the cheap option then you could go to the local vag stealer and get a set of Quantum leads
  5. Looks like the general opinion is black all round. A PM has been sent to all interested parties. Please reply with answer ASAP
  6. The first set lets you see the silver effect BUT FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL THAT THE CORRADO DESERVES CHECK OUT THE SECOND SET THIS COULD BE THE WAY FORWARD. If enough people show interest i can check out if the HALO effect is available in silver 8) 8)
  7. For all those on the list who did not recieve the PM this is the basic content I need to finalise the Design in order to get the production started.
  8. I have sent everyone on the list a PM with regard to the design. If you could get back to me ASAP in order to push this through. Basically the company manufacturing the dial don't recommend keepin the dials black during the day as it will be difficult to read the BLUE and RED markings on the dials. They give off the indiglo look when the are lit up and the surrounding area is dark(thats what i could decifer from the technical jargon they were talking about). As white was dismissed in the original vote, the company came back to me with the suggestion that we go with a SILVER dial during daylight(Aluminium look) that will change to black at night. Thoughts from those on the list only please if you are not buying into this, please do not comment, in order to keep things from getting out of hand :!: :evil:
  9. List is on page one of this post all those on the list have been contacted with thoughs on the design. as soon as the design is confirmed the the money will have to be sent to Andi.
  10. This is how they will look in the dark with the lights on the blue and red will be illuminated DD
  11. Sorry for the delay in responding to the PM my computer was virused up Had to take it down to the STD clinic to get rid of the problem. Numbers are at 23 atr this moment, with three more showing interest I will contact them if the are still in then i will contact the manufacturers. This will mean monies to be sent to Andi.
  12. where did you get that picture of the storm from rodders??? could there be some breach in copyright laws going on there?
  13. OK fellow corrado lovers, As Andi has stated the group buy is on the first 25 names are guarenteed their dials. The money is up front to pay for the production which Andi will be collecting. The details will follow in due course of the complete costings and payment methods.If there is sufficient interest then another 50 sets can be purchased at a later date. The list of names will appear as and when I receive the names. :mrgreen: If there is any questions please do not ask them on thread as most will already have been answered in the previous thread(its eleven pages long so the answer must be there somewhere) Production is around 4-6 weeks after we confirm the design and content of the dials. Dick Dastardly(yes) Andi x2 (greedy)(yes) Henny Supercharged (yes) Pau1(yes) Quikstu Ka`(yes) supercharged junkie(yes) tattie(yes) leavon(yes) anubis(yes) bobbywhacker quikstu brokenman(yes) slot vw0-7(yes) rob hearne(yes) g60dee(yes) g1xxeruk(yes) blinky16v(yes) storm2(yes) stel g60(yes) andy vlw(yes) ruffy(yes) greegs(yes) redlee(yes) kadvr6(yes)
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