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  1. Dee-Vub

    fuel guage

    hhhmmmm my guage had stopped working before i got the pump problem, and i checked the pump and all it was was just a loose connection, so i cant think it was the pump that caused it? Could the sender be duff?? Wouldnt bother be if it read half way, but mines reads constantly empty! so annoying!!! :cry:
  2. yeh im not sure what fuse it is for the headlights, but i checked them all over and didnt see a problem. Anyone any idea what number of fuse it is for zee headlights?
  3. Alright folks....more electrical niggles, didnt really know where to post this to be honest! Firstly, drivers side dipped beam stopped working so thought possibly the bulb had gone! so changed them and nope not the bulb. checked the voltage to the headlight but was only registering 8v for dipped beam :S So left it for a couple days cos i was just about to go back offshore. Went away came back and now the dipped beam from the other headlight has stopped working aswell. What you guys reckon? headlight switch? easy to change? Sidelights and full beams are working but side lights seem to be a little dull. Any help would be hugely appreciated :)
  4. Dee-Vub

    fuel guage

    Ok my fuel pump is working again...loose connection :roll: but my fuel guage isn't working.....it stopped working before the fuel pump. So basically, does anyone know what it could be? and where to source :) Cheers folks
  5. Hmmm not overly keen on them, look quite similar to stroseks but the stroseks have a massive dish! keep an eye out for them! :D
  6. hmmmm i can imagine it being an extremely tight squeeze at the front...9.5's with an et of 10, i reckon you would need considerable stretch tbh
  7. yeh my petrol guage has also stopped working :S but it was out of the blue, then my fuel pump went, dont know if they are linked :S Wouldnt mind hearin other peeps sotires on the fuel guage stopping, would be helpful :)
  8. Nice one i have a lad going in past tonight to check to see what my one is and to take a note of the part number. BTW.....since my fuel guage has stopped working, is it possible the float or sender has gone kapoot? cos i'd really like to kill two birds with one stone here. So even if they do match, i'll still need to keep the sender from my original pump??? How come, is it due to the fact its likely the replacement wont come with the sender, or that the sender is unique to the ecu or something? I'm not too adept with things like this not overly sure! You've been great help dinkus, its very much appreciated!!!
  9. Legend!!! but fuck i cant check! i'll try and get a mate to go in past mines today and check for me! Thanks very much for that, will crack on to it when i get home! I dont know much about the float and sender, but when i take the pump out, will the float and sender come out with it?? And also....sorry to be a right nuisance, but are there two seperate part numbers for the pierburg and VDO? Great help once again guys, the CF always comes up trumps :D
  10. whens the wheel available....i'd definitely be keen if they done a slightly smaller version?? Them TT handles are a cool touch, easy to do?
  11. aye sorry lads yeh it is a VR....so they are quite prone to going? doesnt surprise me to be honest since it is a 13 year old car.....so by the symptoms i have and checks i have done....do you reckon its definitely the fuel pump? What about upgraded fuel pumps, i take it wouldnt really be worth my while since the engine mods are relatively minor......full system and a carbonio. iv seen a fuel pump on ebay, so think i am just going to go for that....i need it to be at mines for next thursday cos thats when i am back onshore and will want to get it sorted the day i get home. Are there any decent guides or descriptions as to the change.....i have took the plate off to have wee gander and noticed a sort of ring type cap, how does this come off. I had a screwdriver against one of the bars and hammering it but it didnt want to budge, screwdriver just dug in. Cheers folks
  12. For some reason my fuel guage has stopped working so i had done 250 miles since i last filled the tank. Due to the guage not working i though i'd better stick 20 quid in to be on the safe side. So stuck in 20 quids worth of super at tesco and after only about a minute of driving it died. I came of the roundabout and when i got up to 4th gear, put the foot back down...but nothing happened. The revs just fell as i came to a stand still and the car died.Tried to start it but just cranks and doesnt fire. Checked the spark and its fine. But checked to see if any fuel was getting to the rail and it doesnt look like it when i am turning it over. I checked the fuse, checked the relay, both fine...checked the voltage at the connection where it goes to the pump and getting 10 volts. Also tried bypassing everything and putting a connection from the battery straight to the pump but nope still no luck! No signs of the pump kicking in and car still wont start! So, looks like the pump has gone! Has anyone replace the fuel pump on there motor before? Or anyone had a similar problem??A bit of instruction would be hugely appreciated! Cheers
  13. Dee-Vub

    Scuttle Panel

    yeh swg looks awesome! classy lookin bit of kit! Been thinkin about one for ages, but at £90 quid i havent quite plucked up te courage yet :|
  14. oh or also a carbon scuttle panel?? :D
  15. Absolutely stunning corrado mate! Has the perfect stance!!! 8) And congrats are in order :clap:
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