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  1. 90 mm or 50mm? I have an almost brand new 50 mm splitter for sale if interested?
  2. I have my Corrado for sale It is an early spec 1.8 16v model in a rare dark metallic green. Overall the car cleans up well, but is not without issues affecting most 25 year old cars. Rust has bubbled up along the leading edge of the passenger wing, but this is easily salvageable, A little bubbling around the filler cap, but again, still solid, and a few other rust bubbles and scratches. I ave fully detailed the car as its my hobby, and the paintwork has come up lovely. The engine although high mileage, runs fine. Uses no oil or water, and revs up nice and freely. I serviced it and fitted a new lift and under car fuel pump when they died. There is a full stainless exhaust mated to a stainless manifold which sounds lovely without being loud or boomy. Budget coilovers are fitted, and they are all greased up and adjust easily. The interior is in nice condition with no rips or damage, although the drvers footpad is a little worn. All electrics work, spoiler goes up on the button and at speed, and the sunroof tilts and slides The car come with 11 months MOT Bad bits: Afformentioned rust The front bumper could do with repainting The exhaust manifold vibrates when pulling away, it either needs adjusting, or maybe a solid engine mount fitting A boot strut has sheared off meaning that the boot doesnt stay up on its own Horn currently does not work I am based in South East Kent, andwould like £950 for the car, and am ofcoure open to negotiation. lease pm or text me as I work nights 07958542736
  3. Cheers for the comments Dan I wil listen to offers as I have removed it from the car now
  4. Pics as requested. I am in South East Kent, but am happy to wrap these up for a courier
  5. Pics up later today when the rain stops! Summer! They went straight on without the need for spacers
  6. I will get pics up tomorrow once removed from the car. Due to raising some funds for my up and coming holiday, the Borbets are up for sale. The front 2 are 7.5" wide with almost brand new budget tyres The rears are 9" wide with one toyo and one federal tyre. Both have a few mm of tread, but the federal has some chunks missing from some arch rubbing on the way back from Gti International They all had a home refurb and were painted in anthracite grey. This is far from perfect, but they look presentable. No kerbing on them, and they have the flat Borbe centre caps I would like £350 for them
  7. I have a few bits for sale A genuine 90mm splitter. Quite a large crack on one corner, but could be glued or tied together - £25 plus postage Main charger bracket for a G60 - £20 plus postage G60 Giro valve from Jabbasport. This is used to overcome lost boost as it vents back through the ISV (I think) Bought from Jabba years ago and never used - £20 plus postage Please pm or text as I work night Simon: 07958542736
  8. Any interest? I can have this couriered if that helps? I would also be interested in some 4x100 alloys and tyres in swaps
  9. Bump to the top guys £175. Good to know what they are from, thanks Kadvr6
  10. Open to offers guys. I have just realized that the drivers seat has adjustable back lumbar support too.
  11. I have no idea what they came out of originally
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