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  1. So it arrived today via UPS - box pretty damaged but part seems fine... And per fendervg, *no* rubber mounts - so will be using shaun's link to order some new ones to mount it, once and for all, I hope!
  2. Thanks, Corroda - ordered a brand new one from VW Classic Parts - 217€ delivered plus £42.37 VAT and £11.50 customs clearance (UPS)
  3. I am not mechanical, few tools and also do not have an off-road space for the car so am reliant on what my (dependable) mechanic told me - he said he tested the motor and it wasnt working, hence me looking for a new/vgc used one...
  4. Can anyone help me source a new or vgc window regulator incl motor? The only new one I can find is from a US supplier who wont ship to UK, I cant get hold of a German supplier (no response to 3 emails) and there are no 2nd hand ones around at the moment. Thanks for any help or advice
  5. Hi all I am the very proud owner of a red 93 Corrado SLC - American spec (left-hooker with electric seatbelts and the "Golf" VR6 2.8l engine). Had it since 94 and its only done 110k miles so really still in its youth! But 28 years have taken their toll - plus some dodgy repairs (even by some mainline VW dealers!!) - so it is in need of some tlc to get it back to prime condition. I not a mechanic, havent "fooled around with a car" since I rebuilt a Mini Cooper in the 80s so am really looking for some good advice on where to source certain parts, who to go to for certain jobs to be done and also, importantly, to hear about and see some more Corrados Cheers M
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