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  1. I went with Merlin Motorsport in the end rather than a cheap ebay pump. The dead pump is the original with the VAG part number on the side so googled that and it came up on Merlins website listed for Porsche 911 3.6 GT3 amongst other VW's. Paid extra for next day £71 all in, great service and comms from Merlin. Didn't come with seals so look after your old ones. Took about an hour to strip and rebuild, I was being very careful.
  2. Still waiting for a genuine VDO fuel pump to arrive 7 weeks later so got myself just the pump and swapped everything over. Wiring is now sorted too. Its finally running although it sounded like a bag of spanners until it got oil back into the tappets.
  3. Long time since I fitted a pair of these, I need banjo fittings for these? Thanks
  4. I've got myself a pair now, thanks for all the help.
  5. Yes I could do that, I'll take a look. Thanks.
    1. daves16v


      Thanks, one to consider.

    2. Dr_G60


      I might even have a right one, as outside of the UK more the left ones are damaged. But since Brexit it's awful expensive to ship something to Great Britain.

      Cheers Gunther

  6. Thanks for the replies, for now I'll bypass the tweeters. Dox, I'll come back to you if I change my mind. Cheers
  7. I have 6.5" speakers in Audioscape pods already but am aware that the wiring goes in and out of the tweeters before they reach the door speakers and as the tweeters have been modified I wasn't sure if this would be an issue. Not fused about originality, I'm restoring the original wiring so that everything works and its not a mess, I hate messy wiring. Anyhow the tweeters will be sold with the amp etc. Dox, how much posted please? Thanks
  8. In need of both standard front tweeters for my 95 VR6. Thanks Dave
  9. The grey cable was attached to the crossover and the stock wiring was untouched so I'll be able to plug in the replacement tweeters. I'll include these tweeters as part of the sale of the complete kit.
  10. Hello all, I'm tidying up a few wiring issues and have removed a sub, amp and associated wiring and returning to standard again. I'm guessing the tweeter wiring has been desoldered and wired direct to the amp? I'm not big into ICE. See photo. If so I'll need a couple of standard tweeters. Cheers Dave
  11. Hi all, I've recently got myself back into Corrado ownership after 6 years so I'm a little distant from suppliers and the quality of their parts. My car needs lots of TLC as well as Corrado specific parts and service parts. How do companies such as Heritage and Classic Parts stack up where quality/price is concerned? Any other outlets I should be aware of? Thanks for any help. Dave
  12. On my last VR, I removed the bonnet, made it much easier.
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