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  1. Bugger, apologies Dazz and Dox, misunderstanding on my part, thought you meant you didn't want any of the gear surround Dazz! Dox, apologies again but Dazz had already said he'll have the gaiter from me the other week.
  2. I have for sale a black leather gear shift gaiter. As far as I'm aware this is an original part and is in good condition with no tears, the stitching is all complete and there is little to no wear on the leather. Price is £10 plus postage or can be collected from just outside Cardiff
  3. I have for sale a pair of plastic interior door sill covers in grey removed from an early Corrado. The sills, clips and fixings are all in good condition. Price is £15, would prefer collection from the Cardiff area but could post them at the buyers expense/risk.
  4. I've got for sale a pair of early doors. Passenger side is very rust free and pretty straight, except for a slight dent just in front of the door handle up but the swage line and a small chip in the paint on the back edge. Driver's side is also rust free, it looks like it's had a small amount of repair work under the handle, more than likely someone tried breaking in and pushed the metal in a bit. It had been filled in with filler but some has broken away, not sure how far it goes. Other than that and a small chip on the back edge of the door it's in decent condition. Both doors have decent glass and still have working window mechs, etc, but I'm really only selling them based on the metal work, anything else that is still attached I can't really vouch for as the car has been standing off the road for a while now. The doors are still fitted to the car but will be removed once a sale is agreed. Price is £20 each or door, or £35 for the pair. Collection only from Cardiff area.
  5. I have for sale a pair of grey rear arch suspension turret carpets removed from a 1990 16v Corrado. They are a bit dirty and the driver's side isn't a solid as the passenger side but once fitted it holds it shape well. One of the carpets has a tear around the turret part but again, once in position with the rest for the trim it isn't noticeable or affects the shape. Price is £10 and collection only due to the size, located just outside Cardiff.
  6. Not sure what the proper term for these parts are, but they are the foam that sits between the rear bench brackets and the door cards. Removed from a 1990 16v Corrado, the foam is intact and in good condition. Price is £5 plus delivery if required, location is just outside Cardiff.
  7. I have for sale a pair of door cards in grey removed from a 1990 16v Corrado. As a whole the door cards are in decent shape, some of the trim is lifting along the edges and a couple of small cracks. There are also a pair of tweeters fitted by the previous owner. Price is £15 for the pair, collection only due to the size of the them, location is just outside Cardiff.
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