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  1. Came across two of these as I was clearing out the garage. Might be of interest and am open to offers. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203174507922
  2. That's me. All done. Sold all three cars and my vast collection of parts. Many thanks for the last 5 years.
  3. Yes, Ian, thanks. Can you PM me price please? Cheers, Andrew
  4. Looking for an undamaged, decent condition, working electric mirror switch, if anyone has one? Thanks, Andrew
  5. Looking for a full set of the three lower windscreen water deflectors for a late Corrado, per the picture below. Need to be undamaged and (ideally)in good cosmetic condition, though some sun fading might not be a total drama. Would like to see pictures of the items if possible. Please PM me with details. Many thanks. Andrew [ATTACH=CONFIG]78130[/ATTACH]
  6. Mine also mists. Lives on the road. I think this is a common Corrado problem possibly due to the vents in the three quarter panels and sills. I use silica bags when parked up, which help reduce the amount. On the move, I have Heko wind deflectors fitted and leave the windows cracked open but draft free. This keeps the windows mist free.
  7. This is good news. I would be interested in a set. Would it be possible to do something for the fog lights as well?
  8. Had a great day at the show on Friday. The CCGB stand was looking very good indeed. A fine effort by Eric, Ron and Jim.
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