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  1. Hi guys, just listed my Storm interior on eBay. Thought I should drop a link in here incase there's anyone who's interested. I've got more pictures that I can send across on request. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332628159673 Cheers, Simon
  2. I've got a late spec Black bonnet available if you're still looking?
  3. I've actually been thinking of asking the same, I've got a complete Beige interior - everything apart from the carpet.
  4. Great thanks.. it's [email protected] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. In need of a VR6 subframe. Must be rust and rot free and with good threads. Please let me know if anyone can help Cheers, Simon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Awesome thanks Chris! Any chance you have the black plastic sill strips in too? Cheers, Simon
  7. Hi, I'm after 3 of the sections which make up the centre console/ tunnel of the corrado's interior. Needs to be Black and in great condition. 1. The rear section with the ash tray holder 2. The central section/ cover where the handbrake comes through. 3. The lower section of gear shift surround (I have the part for the gator) Please let me know if anyone can help Many thanks, Simon
  8. No sorry, it's all sold. All I've got left is a black VR6 bonnet, early front bumper and a custom 2.25" stainless steel car back exhaust with a hidden tailpipe Cheers, Simon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Graphite, I'd be interested in the Beige (if they are beige)sunroof seal and Sun visors please. Let me know if they're available and if so how much, many thanks, Simon
  10. 16vStyle

    Heater Box

    Yes exactly that! I'll message you now
  11. 16vStyle

    Heater Box

    Great thank you!
  12. 16vStyle

    Heater Box

    Hi, I'm after a heater box for a VR6. I only really need the 'Air guide channel' fan housing and fan. I don't need the central section where the heater matrix is but will take that too if needs be. Hopefully someones breaking one and has it spare. Thanks in advance, Simon
  13. Hi, I thought I'd share my ebay listing on here as it could be of interest to somebody. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=332130002615#ht_1521wt_1271 The below is the ebay Ad text. Any questions my number is 07814908684 Cheers, Simon Hi, I've reluctantly decided to sell my Corrado 1.8T for parts. The car never actually got back on the road for more than a few miles after the conversion - I caused quite a bit of damage to the drivers door and A pillar by reversing into the garage without closing it. With the repairs and the full respray the car already required means that I'd be better off breaking it for parts. I've been building this up over the last few years and I think it makes sense given the time and effort to offer it as a complete conversion. To give a brief bit of history: The Corrado started off as a 1994 2.0 16v and I stripped it right back and smoothed the engine bay, shot blast and repowder coated the subframe and front cross members and built it back up with Powerflex bushes and new OE parts throughout. The conversion was made by using the engine and full wiring loom from a MK4 Golf 1999 1.8 Turbo with a AGU (large port head). I extended the wiring loom and ran it in across the chassis leg so all wiring is hidden from view. - All MK4 wiring, clocks, ECU and Keys are included in the sale. You could either do the same conversion or run a Qpeng harness to save a lot of time with re-routing wiring and changing clocks etc. Everything worked perfectly and it plugged into Vag Com as if it was a MK4 Golf. I can send more pictures and a video of the engine running (just before it came out) if you'd like to drop me a line. I worked in the automotive industry a number of years and all parts used are either OE or an upgrade. Running Gear Etc Subframe - Shot blast and re-powder coated. Front Cross member - Shot blast and re-powder coated and built up with Powerflex bushes New OE wishbones (bought bare) with Powerflex bushes. New OE Steering rack (New old stock) and Powerflex bush. New OE hubs (with ABS ring) New OE wheel bearings New OE ARB ends New OE Ball joints New OE trackrod ends with heat shrink wrapping ready to go. New OE ABS Sensors New OE ARB Bushes and hardware. Reconditioned VR6 Driveshafts with new outer CV joints and Boots inner and outer Rallye rear engine mount (Stiffer) VW Motorsport front mount (Very stiff) Custom Pirtek powersteering hose (matches up to MK4 power steering pump) Engine Etc 1.8 Turbo (AGU Engine code) removed from a 1999 MK4 Golf - 132,000 miles Gearbox standard MK4 02J box with the output flanges from a diesel box (to accept the VR6 Driveshafts) Standard KO3 Turbo Polished inlet manifold New gaskets and seals throughout 2.5" intercooler pipework throughout Silicone hoses for the most part Alu Intercooler Slim line radiator fans (plug into loom) Large Oval K&N air filter Custom Pirtek clutch hose MK4 ABS pump Seat inbize cupra downpipe (2.25") wrapped in DEI heat wrap New OE (Bosch) Lambda Sensor MK2 Golf 1.3 Accelerator cable (longer) Powersteering Bottle (Red Cap) Washer jet Bottle (Green Cap) Extended wiring loom (I ran it around the wing and basically had all the wiring entering over the from engine mount) made for a super smooth engine bay) Clocks, ECU and Key - All need to be used in conjunction with one another otherwise the ECU will immobilise. I think that's about it.. It's everything to see in the photos above. I can send some more pictures and a video of the engine running if you drop me a message. Every thing was perfect with the engine and it pulled really hard, this would make for a great conversion for anyone looking to upgrade their engine with the benefit of getting all the reconditioned running gear etc. I also have a reconditioned Rear beam and 2.25" Stainless exhaust with hidden tail pipe which I'll list in a separate listing. Obviously will be collection only - I'm 15 mins south of Cambridge between the M11 and A1. Cash on collection preferred. If you've got any questions please drop me a line. Cheers, Simon
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