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  1. marni

    20v wiring loom ecu

    Hey guys after cable wiring loom and ecu for amk or bam engine anyone got one or no were to get it from thanks
  2. What's the going rate for recaros I got some red ones
  3. marni

    1.8t 20v amk or bam

    Hi guys trying to get back on road Iam after full engine loom and ecu if someone got one converted one with dbw pedal it's been few years thanks guys
  4. hi mate get g60 gearbox or 2.0 16v iam runing g60 gearbox and engina putting out about 270 bhp so iam upgading to lsd depends how much power u gone use . the two boxs r good for 230bhp and maybe more
  5. marni

    Teves20 abs

    hi people iam after Teves20 if any got one let me know thanks
  6. hi mate i got one still on car £50 if u want it
  7. marni


    part no. or which year of car and do i just need pump and wiring i got hubs
  8. marni


    hi mate u got any info on the later abs
  9. marni


    my g60 did not have abs i was runing 300bhp in it and brake lock up and now iam putting the 1.8t in a 1.8 16v and do not what the same thing to happen again
  10. marni


    hi people which abs can i put on my car its non abs if someone can help me out that be good thanks
  11. ---------- Post added at 9:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 9:18 AM ---------- all the bits going on this now if usa bits do not sell they will end on this one
  12. ---------- Post added at 9:14 AM ---------- Previous post was at 9:12 AM ---------- there was not much left of front end and the cars been scraped
  13. 200 mpg and more if u want ---------- Post added at 2:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 2:26 PM ---------- if u got no were to place it thats were it will end up
  14. hi mate in two bits and the back one
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