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  1. Something to do with an alarm I bet
  2. Think I will have yo take them apart next spring to measure them as the chassis number is a 16v .someone fitted the g60 brakes in the past
  3. Cheers I've looked on ebay I need the correct length
  4. Can anyone tell me the front caliper slide pins part number. I want to fit new ones to mine when I paint calipers next year.cheers
  5. Hi new rear axle bushes made a massive difference to mine
  6. Looks like I need to take handle out soon then for a look
  7. I reckon it could be the window scraper not doing its job.they dont even touch the glass.
  8. Hi I went outside to start the car this morning to defrost it.shut the door when I was scraping the ice off ,went to open the door and it had locked itself.its done it a few times lately but when I am in it so no big problem. Luckily the heritage window scrapers I bought that fit crap came off easy and I got in.any ideas
  9. did you know there are 3 different lengths of handbrake cable fitted to corrados.i had problems last year with mine
  10. I found them to be very helpful. Great price aswell
  11. Well it's in place ready to be welded. I had to have a beer to celebrate
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