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  1. You want the shouldered nut, VW Heritage sell them for £3.77 each part number 021-133-915/B, I got a couple recently. Go into the classic parts section of the site to order. The ebay link above is for the bolt type and not the shouldered nut so it wont fit certain parts of the engine cover. For some reason VW used two different types of bolt/nut for the parts of the engine cover.
  2. Congratulations beautiful car looks stunning
  3. http://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-potw/volkswagen-corrado-vr6-pic-of-the-week/35830 Corrado also made pic of the week on pistonheads so a bit more decent coverage.
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone, this was the first time I had seen the pictures so very happy with the results. I am also happy the article does the car justice and its good to see the vast majority of the comments on pistonheads so far are really positive about the corrado. The photographer took so many shots and spent around 3 and half hours photographing the car on the day. I will be emailing him in the next day or two to see if I can get copies of all the pictures he took as obviously they would be very nice to have.
  5. Hi All Article now on pistonheads. http://www.pistonheads.com/features/ph-features-heroes/volkswagen-corrado-vr6-ph-heroes/35831
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone much appreciated and very helpful, I have put something together and emailed it over. As soon as I here when the article is being put on the website i will let you all know.
  7. Hi All, just to update you, had the photographer come out yesterday and do the pics, he really was a great bloke and took a massive amount of time and care making sure the shots were to his liking. It stayed dry all day and the car performed fantastically. I now need to answer a couple of questions and whilst I could just go back with the obvious stuff I wanted to give everybody a chance to give a bit of input so to hopefully ensure everything is covered in the article. The questions are as follows:- What's the best thing for you about the VR6? What are the key issues any prospective buyer should look out for? Need to go back in next day or so, so your swift replies would be much appreciated. Thanks Al
  8. Exactly those extra pics just reinforce my initial doubts, I suspect he has spotted the car festering outside on a drive somewhere and it hadn't moved for years. He has just then chanced his arm with an offer probably around 10% of what he is asking now. From those pics there is No way has that car been carcooned all its life.
  9. Interior looks good no wear on bolsters etc but hard to believe it been kept in storage as claimed based on the paintwork and especially engine bay. Engine bay to me looks like its seen far more mileage. Would be happy to be proved wrong but at this stage slightly sceptical.
  10. A sad day indeed, but after 15 years in Corrado's I fully understand your decision to sell, especially bearing in mind over the last few years there have been quite a few ups and downs. I think sometimes a clean break is definitely the way to go and you never know, you get might a renewed appreciation again and buy another, like most seem to. In any event, its really good to know that you will still be a part of the scene and forum.
  11. Hi All, just to let you know that my car was chosen for the upcoming pistonheads feature. Like some of you, I was also asked to send pictures and highlight any modifications and got an email at the beginning of the week to say it had been chosen. The shoot is going to happen toward the end of February and the good news for me is the photographer is coming to my neck of the woods so no travelling. Just to give you a bit of background, I have owned the car since 2009 and have done a fair bit to it to get it into the condition you see now. The car is only used at the weekend and on dry days. I do about 2000 miles a year and keep it taxed all year so in the event there is a rare dry day over winter, I can still take the car out. Due to family commitments I don't get to many shows but the one local show I did manage to attend in both 2016 and 2015, the car won best water cooled. You have my assurance that for the shoot the car will be looking its very best, I appreciate that you all want the article to give the Corrado the best possible coverage it so thoroughly deserves and I don't want to let anybody and especially the car down. They have not asked me for any details about the car as yet and I don't believe they intend to test drive it. If they do the car is mechanically spot on. The car was fairly recently on a rolling road at AMD in Essex after fitting some uprated cams and achieved 208BHP. I appreciate people's concerns over ensuring the article is accurate, again I have not been asked to provide any information for the article. But I am sure they will do there homework. I will keep you updated regarding developments.
  12. Hi its been finished in silver to a very high standard by the company I bought it off in Germany a few years back (Arz tuning). So just to reaffirm what my listing on ebay states in case anybody is having issues viewing it, It is not finished in the brushed chrome with the black edging round the letters, but is a very nice alternative.
  13. Hi Jim thanks, bit annoying its started doing that all of a sudden. When I signed into ebay, I did get that screen but there was a link at the top that said continue to page. When I clicked it I was then taken to my listing. For anybody having issues the Ebay listing number is :- 201685473800.
  14. Sorry think I may have posted this in wrong section. It may need to go to Ebay section. Apologies.
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