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  1. Anyone looked at their classifieds section ? A 24k mile storm and a Campaign for sale !
  2. Pretty straight forward work £150- £200 should easily cover it with an indy
  3. Happy Christmas folks :)
  4. Unless you want brand new I would wander down to a breakers yard with a couple of spanner’s Find a mk 3 or 4 golf They will be fine
  5. Harrier

    VR6 Timing

    There is a Tdc mark on the crankshaft pulley It’s in an odd place (around 4 o’clock position ) The timing can be adjusted without removing the gearbox
  6. I have found the Gtechniq to be excellent in some cases but it depends on the type of plastic it’s being applied to Tried it on my door trims but it wasn’t great on them.
  7. I also had some BBS rx504 in 17in , shown in a couple of the pics I really liked those too and would possibly have some again if some came up for grabs Hard to find now though But then again just keeping things standard ish seems more sensible nowadays
  8. Sold them for 2.5 k That was the asking price Don’t regret selling them, enjoyed them for a few years, They were a bit of a pain at times having to be ultra careful when driving on our potholed roads and also Worrying if the centre caps would get stolen
  9. They were genuine RS,s yes 17in 5x100 et 35 Moved them on a while ago now
  10. Hi Nick Some nice memories from those shows, the rolling shots of mine (C11VRG) look stunning Sold that car a long while ago now and do miss it Do still own a Corrado though Another black one :)
  11. https://royalsteeringwheels.com/ These guys have a good reputation I believe
  12. Don’t know the car but be careful to check if it’s a real Storm There are fake ones out there Though for that price, if the car is decent it probably doesn’t really matter
  13. Tried to post a link for pics but doesn’t work Postimages.org used to work for me
  14. Welcome back to Rado ownership Chris Good choice of colour Be good to see some pics and hear of your plans
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