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  1. Ive been comparing the FK Highsports against the Weitec Hicon GT Coilovers. Are the Weitec coilovers worth the extra £200???
  2. I have been looking at Venom and the FK's, are the highsports any good? It was highsports that i had on my last rado thinking about it.
  3. Finally found my way back into the Dub scene after being out of it for a long time now. I cant remember where the best places are for parts any more. So back to my question. Where is the best place to buy coilover kits? Thanks, Paul.
  4. Just on the train heading out of London and noticed sat on the top of a large pile of cars, an old, very sad looking Corrado. Sad times. :-(
  5. Well, thats the Corrado sold, first bid given. 1.7 days left!
  6. Peebee


    I love Nos, in a past life we used to play around with Nos'd up Saxos, my mates ran a sub 13 quarter at Santa pod, not bad for a bit of tin on wheels! lol
  7. Over 1600 views in 3 days. 70 odd watchers, hopefully one of these will actually buy of C.
  8. Use a different front, seems to work in other cases!
  9. Cheers guys, appreciate the comments! :)
  10. After a lot of messing around I've decided to bite the bullet and try Ebay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261199898021
  11. lol guys, i wish it was that simple, as it stands I have 3 cars, and as much as I love my 24v C, I cant afford to run it and make my move onto the housing ladder, it just has to go. Ive had no bites on the for sale section on here. With tears in my eyes I might just have to tie it to a lamp post and walk away! lol
  12. Decided my Corrado had to go to make room for something a little more fuel efficient, took the idea and ran with it. New car sat on my drive, lovely really happy with it, but my Corrado is still here, i just wont leave!! Ive tried, parking it down the road, it just comes back! Leaving it out in town on a night out, when i wake up in the morning, its returned!!! Any suggestions on how to get rid of a Corrado, please feel free to help..... :)
  13. Other | Bordoux Pearl | Worcestershire Price: £3200 Description: I am selling my 2.8 24v V6 Corrado (230BHP) It sits on colour coded Porsche Design 90 rims with polished lips, 16x9 on the rear and 16x8 on the front. The engine is from a 54 plate Bora 4 motion and has there abouts 70k on the engine, with its full stainless exhaust system it sounds great and runs great. The interior is full grey leather in good condition with heated front seats, sadly the passenger seat doesn't seem to work..The car is fitted with a Cat1 Toad alarm connected up to its central locking system. The bad points would be the body. Even though you will struggle to find rust on the body a few small dents and scuffs do let it down a bit, its just showing its age but still really does polish up well. The car has been well serviced every year even though I only do a couple of thousand miles a year in it. This is the sad reason for selling. It just isn't used enough to warrant keeping. This Corrado MUST go so am willing to accept sensible offers. Any other questions please feel free to PM me. Paul.
  14. I've got 225's on the back of mine with 20mm adapters and they fit perfectly without modding, the but is that I have stretched rubber.
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