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  1. As far as I’m aware early VR’s came in the same style as every other cover . Ie no colour on the cover . Mine is the first of the early VRs and the cover is not painted.
  2. Yes a group buy in 2012 . Seems a lifetime ago now .
  3. Does anyone have one for sale please . Must be in great condition . Kind Regards Rob
  4. Great stuff Sean . Any idea on when you will be finished?. I suppose you will be away again soon .
  5. The motor could also be in need of a clean along with runners .
  6. I think it’s a lovely car . Yes it’s fully restored. I remember seeing pics on here years back ,whilst it was on a jig and the underside was being done . So much work has gone in to this car it’s a perfect example.
  7. I would like one of these, but they rarely come up for sale .
  8. Nice one mate. You will find yourself jet washing the underside as well as the body when it’s all put back together and you’ve been out a few times . I know I do . Damned dirt on my powder coated beam and new tank straps , I won’t have it lol.
  9. This has just jogged my memory. I changed the fuel filter last year , the filter housing brackets didn’t look great . At least I have upgraded to a plastic housing so it won’t weld itself to the brackets.
  10. That’s what other people have said Keyo . I put a cover on the car as we were going on holiday. The last thing I wanted to come home to was crusty bird crap eating the lacquer. I think a cat has been doing that kneeding thing they do with their claws on top of the cover (it was only the breathable cover). Dave said most of it will polish out , which will be good enough till it’s painted. Honestly the bonnet looks awful.
  11. After a lot of thought , ive decided to keep the car . I cant tell you how close i was to selling it or breaking it . I spoke to Resto shack last week and the car was picked up on thursday . Dave got her in at short notice as it was getting water inside and he had space in the workshop . The plan is to get both the front and rear sills sorted , replace a split gator , the wheels are out of allignment and a few other bits , then she will have a fresh MOT . The leak which i could not fathom out was down to the channel under the three plastic screen scuttle parts , it was full of crap , so the water was going over the channel and getting in to the grill cover . So nothing to do with the new gasket that i fitted . They have fitted another gasket anyway . I went to see Dave this week and both sills have been sorted and were awaiting paint . As the paint shop is so busy the other paint work i wanted doing will have to wait till March . The work includes removing some damaged wax oil and treating these areas . The bonnet some how became seriously scratched after i returned from holiday , i have know idea how this happened , so the bonnet will be stripped back to bare metal and repainted . The sills where the Corrado script sticks to need painting as they are chipped , ive got some mint scripts , theres no point putting these on scruffy sills . I think the OEM door handles i bought will be fitted whilst the MOT work is done . I will fit the new number plate holder when i get the car back ,to replace the colour coded one so the car will be nearly OEM when these bits are added . I hope ive made the right decision !.
  12. Good work Sean . It would be nice to see this car again one day . She must be getting on for a minter now .
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