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  1. ...is this the part where I get to call you out on a public forum for not replying? Sigh...
  2. Apologies...reply sent.
  3. Grey Leather Interior Purchased from here a year ago, then promptly dry stored and forgotten about. I'll let the pics do the talking - taken from previous FS thread because nowt's changed! In excellent condition, only want what I paid for it - so that's 250 firm. I'm not on here much any more as my life has taken a turn away from the Corrado fold, so your best bet would be to email xp_mckenna AT yahoo.co.uk Collection only due to size and weight from nr. Stansted, Essex. List Date: 7/16/2014 Location: Stansted, United Kingdom For more info, click here to view the original listing: Grey Leather Interior -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?258.80 (Local Pickup Only) -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Grey Leather Interior Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  4. I'm near Stansted, my VR's off the road at the minute though...I bought a clutch from a guy in Braintree not long ago!?!
  5. Yup VRs run hot - it's to do with how the engine bay is arranged. Anything up to 110 at higher speeds is to be expected - but 124 is definitely too high. I brought my average cruising temp down about 6 degrees just with a decent oil/filter and coolant change.
  6. 1500 with 12 months ticket? You'd be mad not to...
  7. I'd have it for that-if the ECU & BAM is already in and running, and it's not a rot box you're laughing...
  8. I used to drive a yellow Ibiza...loved it - one of those cars you wish you'd never sold... And I would roll a yellow Boxster, MX-5 or Fiat Coupe. It may surprise you to hear I'm not a hairdresser though...
  9. According to the wiki some folk have needed the ABS system bled along with the regular brakes...did you have any such issues?
  10. lard44

    3sdm wheels

    'shopped surely? I thought the 3DSMs were 16" and those look bigger to me...
  11. Starts, goes and stops. That's about it...
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