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  1. Lol I'll send you the details over when I finish work mate :)
  2. Cool, I'm in Billingham, near Middlesbrough in the northeast, any good for collection?
  3. Audi TT wiper arms & blades for sale Bought these off here a year ago, never fitted them and now I've decided I'm going to sell the Rado I won't be needing them. Price is ?85 Inc postage to mainland UK. Old add is here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?87684-Audi-tt-wiper-arms-amp-blades-for-sale-SOLD&highlight=Audi+wiper List Date: 8/5/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Audi TT wiper arms & blades for sale -------------------------------------- On Sale For: ?88.20 -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Audi TT wiper arms & blades for sale Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  4. If it was me I'd just order them using my old reg, I reckon they'll be the right ones mate.
  5. Andy Outhwaite at ACR near croft 07976 281354
  6. I can't say for definite but I've had quite a few sets of calipers over the years and changed them for other people, I've never seen a caliper other than an ATE 54mm piston one on a 288 disc. Post up a pic of the caliper but if it's off a TT I'm 99% sure it'll be ATE and the same as what was on my Bora :)
  7. My old Bora had 288's which use the same calipers as the TT, the reg was YE52 MWC should be able to use that to order any caliper parts from a dealer.
  8. A high HC fail is usually because of inefficient combustion isn't it? Low compression, worn valves, poor timing, worn plugs/leads etc I'd be concerned about the reading in block 209 regarding the chains, which could cause a timing issue to cause the high HC?
  9. Did it fail on all emissions? HC, CO2 and CO? Did they test the emissions as soon as you got to the garage or did it have time to cool down? Ideally you want the cat red hot and test it straight away.
  10. Here is where it was sold if you didn't know, could ask them to forward it on if you're keen to pass it on. http://specialistcarsofkendal.co.uk/vehicle/name/volkswagen-corrado-vr6/
  11. It's pretty much a case of just putting it back on the same way. Take pictures or draw a diagram of the route before you remove the old belt,
  12. borachris

    ARB hunting

    Happy to help :)
  13. borachris

    ARB hunting

    http://www.candrenterprises.co.uk/shop/anti-roll-bar-kits/car-corrado50 They also sell on ebay
  14. I for one won't be buying roof trims off such a dodgy seller that's for sure!
  15. Are they actually ripped or has the stitching just came out?
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