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  1. After some new wheels or Wavetac LSD for a o2j or o2a with ARP bolts. Time for deal!
  2. Oh again charge cooling is not required with this setup.
  3. No there is no need to run an intercooler. In a supercharged setup charge cooling is better from my understanding.
  4. If you was to you use this kit on an OBD1 VR you would need to get this chipped or custom mapped, the problem with generic chips are you dont get the full potential so I would suggest Vince @ Stealth for a custom map.
  5. You know you want to feel forced induction!!!
  6. Guys looks like supercharger porn time. Hummmmm Supercharged R32 in a Corrado on standalone management sounds fun fun fun Kev. I thought it best to say guys, this is 100% self lubricating and the oil has been changed so this does not need doing for another 7500 miles and to be fair the lube is cheap. Its worth noting that a 10 psi pulley is to be available soon from http://www.vortechsuperchargers.com/ This is the URL to details on the V3 charger itself http://www.vortechsuperchargers.com/product.php?p=147
  7. Hi all, Mileage is around 2000 miles, used only between Oct 2011 - Jan 2012. I decided to go 1.8T. Vortech V3 Supercharger (Latest Kit for a VR6) Stage 2 Pulley (8 PSI) Custom Air Intake Pipework including MAF relocation K&N relocated to the passenger side arch VF Race Valve Oil Breather Delete on the Air Intake side of the Charger Crankhouse Breather to Oil Catch Can Warranty included from VF Oil change has been completed so nothing for the next 7500 miles of boosted driving. Remaining oil will be supplied Latest VF Red Top Injectors Idler bracket for both non-air con and air con Uprated cooler spark plugs All remaining parts from the VF kit will be included Also an extremely hard to get OEM “Supercharger” badge to finish the kit off!! OBD2 Socketed ECU included; United Motorsport Generic Chip – Easy plug and go option Stealth Racing Custom Map – Would suggest a tweaking mapping session with Vince. Its cheaper than the initial map. I’ve already paid for this. £2300 Collected and I am open to offers
  8. Are these still for sale? If so please PM me your number? I will call today.
  9. Can u put up a picture please?
  10. I am after a working VR6 fuel pump and sender unit delivered to RH12 3TL.
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