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  1. Year: 1989 Spec: 1.8 16v Mileage: 150k Tax: Just taxed it last week for 6 months MOT: July 2014 Located in Peterborough, Cambs. Very very reluctant sale but needs must. I bought her exactly 5 years ago this week on 100,000 miles, give or take. She has been my daily driver now for all 5 years and has had a lot of work done to her over that period. I am moving house and need to clear some space up so the car has to go. It has always been my intention to get her ready for painting but have never got round to it, I spent my spare cash on the mechanicals instead, as I felt this was more important to me personally as a daily driver. So below is a list of what I can remember in the last 2 years; Reconditioned Head - Stripped fully, cleaned, polished and ported with new seals @ 140,000 miles. New Cambelt fitted at same time. New Water Pump and thermostat. Water pump belt modification so it does not run the idler pulley any more as they are not available. New Distributor and cap New Plugs New Air filter Oil & Filter change less than 5,000 miles ago. Brand new discs & pads for last MOT (Front and Rear) MK4 Golf Rear Callipers 288 Front Callipers Coilovers New top mounts New front wishbones with powerflex bushes New ARB Drop links New Tie Rod ends Full set of new brake lines fitted Goodridge braided lines fitted to MK4 Rear callipers New Inner and Outer CV Joints fitted both sides New Radiator and Fan New Starter motor New Battery (2 months ago) Rota Cup Alloy's (4 fitted to car, will need refurbing really as a bit dirty...) including 1 immaculately refurbed spare wheel with no tyre. Passat Moonroof Audi TT pedals Audi gear knob and surround Sendai USB stereo with fusion door speakers, tweeters, fli amp and sub in boot - cant be bothered with the hassle of removing it all! Inpro Red / Crystal rear lights Inpro Halo Front lights Badgeless front grille Corrado Script floormats front and rear Im sure there is more, I just cannot think at the moment... So as you can see, I have spent a lot of time / money maintaining this car mechanically, I have tried to keep the paintwork in as good a condition as possible throughout my ownership - but being a daily driver it has suffered a little. Important things to note; It has your standard Corrado features such as, interior rattles, poor wipers (although these would be made 100 times better with just a new set of blades, which I may end up fitting just out of the goodness of my heart), the sunroof only tilts - no slidey, there is a little knock on full lock of the steering occasionally. I think thats about it, oh there are little bits of random Camouflage dotted around the car, including the headlining :) It is a very honest car, and I am as honest as I can be with all of it. I genuinely do not want to sell, but I think it is about time that I let someone else have a chance to put their mark on her and treat her with the love I will not be able to give in the near future. I also have a garage full of spare bits I have aquired which will go with the car at the asking price: Set of front discs and pads (may even include rears, I cannot remember) Full set of roofbars (used once) Spare brand new starter motor Spare dragon green rear bumper (if wanted) Original rear lights Loads of other bits too that I cannot remember right now. I am looking for £900 ONO with all the bits listed above too, plus anything else I find in the garage for it. I could make a lot more from selling the spares individually, removing the wheels and putting steel ones on for the sale etc, but to be honest its not about making money from this sale - its about moving it on to the right home. I dont want to drag this out any longer than I have to. On with the photo's!
  2. Hey all! Sorry its so late, been so busy recently. I am making time this weekend to finalise the calendar so will start getting sorted out on Monday :)
  3. Well, I think I must be having some serious bad luck already this year, upon removing the joint AGAIN yesterday afternoon... 2 greasy balls jumped out onto the floor! I double checked the gearbox span OK on its own and it did, no damage to the flange as I had already checked... took it back and fitted a replacement and all appears good now! So a 2 hour max job turned into taking 2 days due to 1 completely incorrect part, 1 faulty part, then the correct one! What drama.
  4. On that flange... should there be any play? I did notice there was perhaps 5mm of travel in and out which I just assumed was normal to cope with changes in shaft length when turning?
  5. So as some of you may know by now, my C decided to have a bit of a moment on the way home, between christmas and new years. It decided to detonate the inner CV joint on the passengers side, and we were recovered back home by the RAC. For some reason, with no warning, I was driving and heard this horrible scraping noise which sounded like my wheel rim scraping on the tarmac - I also lost power to the passenger side. I pulled over to the side of the road and inspected my tyres and wheels - all looked fine... funny I thought. Started the car back up and went to put into first and immediately heard a horrible scraping sound again so killed the engine, popped the bonnet - and saw my drive shaft flopping around inside the bay. Anyway, on further inspection, all the inner drive shaft bolts were out and being held from falling to the floor by the little washers, the CV joint was in about 3 pieces and there was gunk everywhere. Thing is, there was absolutely no warning what so ever of this imminent failure. So fast forward 2 weeks and here I am, £100 lighter, 2 days worth of stress (damn euro car parts), and still with a corrado sat on my driveway going nowhere. Both the inner and the outer CV joint have been replaced now with nice new parts, yet for some reason there still appears to be a tight spot when spinning the wheel. At the same point on the driveshaft (marked with a pen) a "tight spot" appears when rotating and the gearbox pulls down on the gearbox mount, there is a loud "clunk" and then the gearbox then pings back up again to its correct position. The wheel will then turn freely again until the same spot. Both the CV joints are brand new and greased up heavily, everything went back together fine with no lining up issues... im a bit confused and also concerned that I may have a problem inside the box. The drivers side wheel spins freely with no problems. Anyone have any thoughts on this? My next step is unfortunately going to have to be taking the damn lot off again and spinning the outer flange connected to the gearbox by hand, to see if this clunk appears then. If it does - gearbox job, if it doesnt - something is up with the driveshaft / cv joints. Horah for fecking corrado's - Im very close to calling it quits with this vehicle now as it has cost me a damn fortune just keeping it running... :(
  6. Its allright now. Lesson #1 - If you think its not right, it probably isnt. Lesson #2 - If you think the guy at Euro Car Parts is a twat - he probably is. They say a job is much easier with the correct tool - well its even easier with the correct part! Now the heartache continues as the outer cv joint is fubar too as a result of the destruction. Fantastic. If I hadnt wasted over an hour at ECP I would have discovered this much sooner and been able to fix it before the dark rolls in and the rain hits tomorrow. Hazar.
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]76863[/ATTACH] So I am currently replacing my inner cv joint after it detonated last week... All was going well until I went to refit the hub... As you can see the driveshaft now sits about an inch too far forward and wont move enough to allow the hub to fit in place... What have I done wrong?? Im quite confused right now as its all bolted up right, cv joint on with the recess for the c clip at the very end... Any help greatly appreciated as car stuck on driveway :(
  8. Well a quick christmas eve update then for you all - we are currently going through all the photo's and putting together the best calendar yet! Hopefully with our time off work we can get this together between xmas and new years - but we will have to see :) Merry Christmas to you all!
  9. Awesome Guys! I have a load of emails to go through over the weekend to pull this together! I will be closing off entries at midnight tonight to allow me to go through them over the weekend! I will update when I have had a chance to filter through them all and see where we are at!
  10. Keep 'em coming :) I will be aiming to close this off on Friday night to give me the weekend to flick through them all - but we will see how we go :)
  11. Feel free to give him a nudge ;) Im sure we had an awesome engine bay pic last year / year before - Its definitely nice to get some "different" pictures through from time to time - I do have an awesome photo for this year's already from the rolling road day! Definitely a different "angle" for sure!
  12. Good Morning Fellow Corrado'ers ! So it is most definitely long past that time of year again where we all get together and bombard my inbox with pictures of our Corrado's in the hope of making it into the bespoke Corrado Forum Calendar! So - I wont waste time with reasons for my late arrival this year, or anything else relating to it - that will undoubtedly come later on. I will get on with the info: The bit you need to know: I am starting this late, reasons for which are detailed above. Due to this I expect calendars to probably land at your door around Mid January. (I would love to get this done in time for Christmas but it purely depends on photo entries). So please, make sure you are happy with this before getting too excited. That being said... CORRADO CALENDAR!!!! :cheers: How do I get my rado featured? Simply Send me an email with your photo's zipped up if possible, in the highest resolution you have. For those that are unsure, any pictures less than 1mb in size are probably not high enough quality. I was intending to put a live page up this year for people to upload their images online but basically I have not got time. So we will do it this way again for one last year! The email again is calendar at methdesignz dot co dot uk - PM me if this does not make sense to you and you want to send me your photo. How much will it cost? No idea as of yet, my guess will be about £16 posted 1st class. My request from you Please make sure you dont send me a picture that has already been featured in one of the previous 3 years calendars. It makes my job so much easier, but more than that it helps me get through this stage of the process a lot quicker which in turn means they land on your doorsteps much faster. When can I buy one? Purchases will not commence until I have a calendar that I am happy with. So, you cannot buy one until we have something to buy :) Will you be donating to the forum again? Of course. So by purchasing a calendar you are giving back to the community that help make it! Can we be friends? If you knew me, you would probably not ask this. But as you did, Yes we can. Is this the end of the thread? Not quite. Get those photo's sent! Now it is.
  13. Been so busy with work these last few months I have barely had a chance to get on here. However, I could be persuaded if people are OK with perhaps a bit of a delayed delivery this year? My guess is if I started now, which is no problem and I am happy to do so, we would be looking around mid jan for final delivery with all the postage delays... If people are interested still at this late stage, I am happy to jump on board and get this organised and sorted.
  14. For what its worth, an MOT cannot be revoked. Once it is issued - it is issued for its duration. I was an MOT site manager up until a few months ago due to redundancy, but also I purchased a vehicle that had an MOT given to it a few weeks prior to me collecting it, only it should never have passed an MOT in a month of sundays (not that I understand that saying). After speaking direct with VOSA through my VOSA User ID I was informed that the MOT could not be removed / revoked - even if the testing station was examined and found to be passing dodgy tests. I was selling the car on as I did not have the time / space available to carry out the repairs required, but did not want to sell it with an MOT and risk the new buyers ignoring my warnings and driving it around - it was dangerous. However VOSA pretty much wanted to wipe their hands with it. The MOT is purely for the "time of testing". In its most technical form that means that once a vehicle has left the station, it could have developed any fault and you cannot use the line "Its just passed an MOT". In your case, I believe the officer involved probably used the wrong terms as is often the case, or does not understand exactly what he has issued. From what I understand of this situation, is that the car has been issued with a notice that requires it to pass another MOT / test before the police deem it fit for the road. After the MOT test, it is the police who regulate the cars road worthiness. I do however remember hearing a while back that you can have a garage repair the work / inspect the vehicle and a report from the garage also is accepted - however, I am not the authority on this - best to double check around. Hope this has been of some use.
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