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  1. I’m with Greenlight, mine too went down,
  2. Must of been on the Redbull [emoji3]
  3. Could be interested, where abouts are you ?
  4. I’ll have a pair please, without circlips Pm me your payment details
  5. Talked up the rarity of the parcel shelf, but not the fog lights ! Anyone notice, the VW place run by Lee, is the same place that car S.O.S. goes to
  6. I saw your pic on Facebook with the dash out, Good luck with the rest off it, it is worth it
  7. 16vG60 (John) sells a vented rear brake kit (John Mitchell racing) Does sound like one of his kits, he doesn’t do a vented kit to go under 15” wheels, (I enquired)
  8. I have used them for other cables, and flexi -hoses, but not specifically Vr I was working about a mile from them, popped in the morning, and my cables were made up by end of play
  9. These will make you one https://www.venhill.co.uk/cables-and-components.html?gclid=CjwKCAiA5Y6eBhAbEiwA_2ZWIfNuVcWEz55i8q8FUnBRpGm8ZhZyx7-zyGmYV07drJ3jVmVc15vv3BoCDjcQAvD_BwE
  10. This is a NOS heater box I’ve had in my loft for many years, I tried to take pics to show the foam, and two doors have foam stops ! I have dynaliner here, and it is very much the same as OE, I’ve bought a new matrix,and will be putting it all in very shortly. I’ve done the matrix before, (dash out twice) but this time I’m going to try leaving the dash in, I’ll let you know how I get on
  11. They sell braided lines, an adaptor is needed to bolt the caliper to the strut, they do that, they do the hi-tensile bolts, everything you need, even brake fluid !
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