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  1. Well ive been a bit slow in getting this sorted. But 4 new Conti Sport Contact 3 Tyres New wingmirrors new ARB linkage And.... MOT for the first time in over 6years of being in storage. I will now now wait until early next year before deciding, but i will more than likely be putting this up for sale 馃槥
  2. Hi all! I am thinking of putting my Corrado up for sale. I have not been around for a while, and I am not sure what the current prices are like, so I would appreciate if you could give me an idea of what my car is worth today. Details are as listed below: It is a 1993 approx. 140 000 mile VW Corrado VR6 in white and has been unused and stored in a garage for the last five years. I have been the car owner since I purchased it in 2011. It has been well looked after with the regular interior and exterior wash/clean, tyre pressure checked, and it still starts from the first attempt. It hasn't been MOT-ed during its time in storage but was recently taken to the garage for assessment, and nothing major was identified (I will come back to this one once I have found the MOT paperwork). The car has the following modifications: 路 New clear fog lights 路 Front wing indicators smoothed and relocated to the front bumper 路 Delocked door handles 路 Side moulding strips removed 路 Rooftop trim moulding removed and smoothed 路 Full cream genuine leather Porsche 944 tombstone front seats 路 Original VR6 retrimmed in matching cream genuine leather rear seats and door cards 路 Audioscape Door Speaker Builds / Pods / Pockets 路 Tweeters mounted in front door cards 路 Richbrook gear knob 路 Dewipered rear windscreen 路 Debadged rear panel 路 Compomotive TH Line 16" 5x100 stud pattern alloy wheels 路 Lowered suspension ----- I purchased the car with very limited service history, however, during my ownership, I have replaced/upgraded the following: 路 OEM oil filter 路 OEM oil cooler 路 OEM water pump 路 OEM 90V alternator and belt 路 Crack pipe 路 Thermostat and housing 路 Mocal 13 row oil cooler 90deg thermostatic plate 路 Spoonfed 70mm splitter and new fixing 路 SWG Scuttle cover 路 Full set of back Samco's with new spring clips 路 US side markers 路 Refurbished 312mm front brake callipers & Goodridge hoses 路 Gearbox mount 路 New battery and jacket 路 Alloys refurbished 路 Philips DAB stereo & speakers 路 Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm 路 Various trim pieces to tidy up the interior 路 Fixed the temperature gauge 路 All red rear lights 路 Breu Coil pack 路 OEM red HT leads 路 OEM NKG Plugs 路 New painted engine plastics 路 New OEM 3 Slat grill and silver badge 路 Lupo wipers and aero blades 路 New black scripted floor mats 路 Nothelle Nardi 350mm steering wheel 路 Polyurethane engine mounts 路 BMC CDA air filter 路 Bonrath PR power pipe 路 New spare key 路 OEM Expansion tank and Blue cap 路 Ashtray cup holder 路 Short shifter 路 Lamin-X front indicators to match US side markers 路 Power coated inlet manifold, Rocker cover, belt tension, bonnet stay and brackets 路 New bonnet insulation foam (not fitted) 路 Wide-angle tinted door mirrors (driver's side has a crack) As you might expect from a car of this age, there are some stone chips to the paint work and alloys, very minor rust bubbles (nothing at all serious) and a couple of negative points such as: 路 Sunroof does not tilt or slide (repair kit included) 路 Heater controls do not fully function 路 Cracked driver鈥檚 side wing mirror 路 Sometimes suffers from erratic idle 路 Could do with a bit of TLC Attached are photos taken today. Thanks in advance to everyone who would comment and give me a rough idea of what this vehicle would be worth!
  3. Hi , Sorry for going AWOL, shortly after posting this life got very hectic and I forgot all about this Unfortunately new house and new job are keeping me quite busy at the moment and away from all corrado related stuff so i won鈥檛 be able to progress this feeler any further at the moment loepan[/b, ive responded to you PM If anyone else wants to pick this please PM your Eamil address and ill forward you my correspondence with Classic9, who are friendly chaps and i sure would be happy to deal with other members Apologies to everyone again for not responding sooner Steve
  4. Lit updated Thanks all, were off to a great start!
  5. RPoul what colour emblem would you like. you can have red, white or silver?
  6. New feeler, prices ect... here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=85121&p=1010233#post1010233
  7. New Feeler Here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=85121&p=1010233#post1010233
  8. There have been a few people asking for these again, so if there is enough interest im happy to organise another run The last group buy can be seen here, http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=80570 I have re-established contact with the supplier and they are willing to offer group-buy discounts again Current prices for 1 liner and shipping to the UK is $49 plus shipping of $49.7 = $98.7 (拢59.81 GDP) + Import duty Quantity 15+ would be $33 for each liner and $7 for each emblem. Shipping for 15 liners $90 Shipping for 20 liners $100 The final price will depend of how many people are interested, import tax and postage this end, Last time this all came to 拢30 delivered to your door, however this was with over 40 people and low import duty, so please expect the final to be 拢30-40 If your interested please let me know, if it's a VR6 or G60 shield and if you want to include an Emblem, please state colour For referance: G60...............................................VR6 [ATTACH=CONFIG]77233[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77234[/ATTACH] Thanks, Steve ---------------------------------------------------- VR6 1. Seanl82 2. Southerner88 3. Spiderfish 4. RPoul - emblem 5. Grum21 6. Rocket Ron 7. cinadine 8. Micky fletch 9. loepan - silver emblem 10. Ed21 - silver emblem 11. mr.ots G60 1. volksworld13 ---------------------------------------------------- Here is an link to the Classic 9 Leather web site www.classic9leathershop.com/ It's made of special blend of 1/4 inch thick closed cell nitrile vinyl foam rubber designed for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads and comes with a 13 inch Red, White or Silver VW logo decal. The logo can be red white, or silver. Please indicate which color you prefer in the remarks section when you purchase it or in a message to the seller. It adds a much cleaner look to your engine compartment, holds up to water, oil, petrol and mildew, much better than the OEM hood pads and keeps the exterior of the hood cool while not reflecting engine heat back down toward your intake. It's actually made for covering the firewall in aircraft and is FAA approved for aircraft. Compare this hood liner to a factory original or factory replacement. Factory Liner My Liner Will it rot? Yes No Material Latex Foam Vinyl Nitrile Fire Retardant No Yes Sound Insulator Yes Yes Heat Insulator Somewhat Yes Oil resistant No Yes Chemical resistant No Yes Water resistant No Yes Mildew Resistant No Yes Washable No Yes Nifty VW logo No Yes Made of 1/4 inch nitrile vinyl closed cell foam rubber, it will not absorb water or oil. Its light, about 14 ounces, and is also fire retardant and insulates against sound and heat. You can wash it and hose it off. Since it鈥檚 made for aircraft firewalls and bulkheads, it鈥檚 extremely light and unlike the factory liner will not absorb water and resists mildew. It has a smooth finish and the color is black. Its pre cut to fit all model Corrado VW VR6s with the same design as seen in the photographs. Installation is easy using 3M type #80 or # 90 spray adhesive or other high temp adhesive for vinyl nitrile foam rubber.
  9. Well the advise given by the supplier was; Please make sure everyone knows the importance of using a 鈥淐ontact Cement鈥 formula adhesive. General purpose adhesive (like 3M Super 77) will not hold up. And more importantly will not mix with contact cement. Using contact cement after using a general purpose adhesive will not work. All the residue must be removed. Use 3M adhesive spray #80 #90 or #8090 Weldwood, 3M, or Liquid Nails Contact Cement that comes in the small can also be used.
  10. Thanks, Sorry for the late reply, but it is candy white
  11. Unfortunately this ended April last year... But I could start a new group buy is there is enough interest ?
  12. I currently have a DAB aerial mounted the rear quarter window, but the reception is awful, maybe a powered antenna is a answer ? Do you think it would reach that far ?
  13. Cant you bump start it ? I think i would want to see it running before handing over cash
  14. Hi, if these are collection only, whereabouts are you ?
  15. http://wiki.the-corrado.net/16v_fuel_filter_replacement.html Should have all the info you need :)
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