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  1. robwillz

    Late interior

    Great thanks for that
  2. robwillz

    Late interior

    Hi all i have a 1991 corrado. I've seen a full black leather interior from a late corrado. Will the door carbs fit without mods?
  3. Thanks for the guide I did mine today and it works :D
  4. robwillz


    Hey all, my exhaust is vibrating now having my car lowered. Any way around this? Only done 5miles and was doing my head in haha
  5. have now sourced one thanks Graphite
  6. Cool can you pm me your PayPal please.
  7. ahh nice one. il have a play on weekend
  8. Il give that a go after work. Cheers.
  9. as title says im after a power steering tensioner bolt, cant seem to find one tps and all other car parts shops ive tried don't have a clue.
  10. I know how you feel I did the same I got a Passat handle didn't realise I had to change the inside of it to fit the corrado. anyway I did all that and now it snapped but not just one side both sides, I have to climb threw the boot to get the door open.
  11. ahh god I just ordered one off ebay shouldbe here for weekend so il have a playat fitting it, is it as easy as just splice into the wires test and solder?
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