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  2. VR6 | Black | Belper, Derbyshire Price: £1500ono Description: Welcome to the reluctant sale of my N reg VW Corrado VR6. I have owned this car for around a year now and it has been a joy to own and is certainly a future classic. As you can see can from the photos the car is in the desirable black and the body work is in condition for its age. There is obviously the odd stone chip and some scuffing on the rear bumper from the previous owner. It has its original Speedline alloys with four good tyres. The car does not currently have any MOT or road tax .I took the car off the road when the MOT expired last year for winter with the view to do the odd job on it in spring but unfortunately I can't seem to find the time with work and family commitments and think it is time to let somebody else enjoy owning a Corrado. Inside the car it is in excellent condition with very little wear on the leather seats, carpet or steering wheel. However the roof lining is beginning to sag. It still has the original VW first aid box and warning triangle! Trip computer, heated seats and sunroof are in full working order. The car is fitted with a aftermarket Sony CD player, nothing special but works fine. Fitted with a Toad alarm and immobiliser with a certificate of installation. Under the bonnet the car has just been fitted with a brand new battery (with 3 year warranty), a new crack shaft sensor and a new ignition sensor. The engine is completely standard and unmolested apart from an aftermarket Miltek sports exhaust (fitted professionally by previous owner and sounds lovely!). She starts first time every time. I noticed that the ABS light has come on intermittently when I have been out to start it, maybe a bit of muck it the brakes or a ABS ring may need replacing, either way quite minor. The car has full service history and lots of receipts for all work carried out. There are 150,000 on the clock which is average for a car of this age. Feel free to ask any questions. Viewing can be arranged and i am will to listen to sensible offers. Thank you for looking Chris
  3. Thanks for putting me onto this post rob, I'm feeling that despair atm but this has made me feel better. Got plenty to go at now :)
  4. Cheers, I'll have a look now
  5. Might sound a daft question.. but where abouts is the crack sensor on the block? Cheers Chris
  6. Hi, A bit puzzled, drove my VR down to work on sunday with no problems running fine, then came to drive home about 2 hours later and it wouldnt start. I was a little low on fuel but other than that nothing noticeable. Since I have put a jerry can full in and even tried a bump start but nothing. Seems to be a spark and smell fuel getting through. The car is turning over but doesnt sound like its even trying to fire... Had hassle with the after market immobilizer in the past but the car usual starts and cuts out immediately when its that. The only thing i can liken it to is just after i brought the car the crack sensor failed and the car did exactly as above. However i had the sensor replaced in march. Had a scan with vagcom i've recently brought and it came up with the following- Address 01: Engine Labels: 021-906-258.LBL Controller: 021 906 258 CP Component: MOTOR 2,8L 6-Zyl. Coding: PMC 1 HS Shop #: 0261203565 VCID: 64BB2F93E755 No Faults Found or DTCs not supported by controller or a communication error ocurred I dont think thats any help mind..? Any help would be much appreciated :)
  7. Nice one, cheers for that mate, I'll give it a bash
  8. Long time no see mate! great read and a nice little project here, be a nice little run around when you've finished! That list of jobs makes me feel about the odd bit I'vee got to do on the corrado! Good Luck
  9. this is a pretty interesting thread. I need to replace my rear calipers, they are looking pretty crusty and have a MOT due.. :( was currently looking for a set of standard rado ones but this is starting to sound like a better option! How difficult of a job is it? I'm still pretty new to the rado world but have replaced brakes of many other cars (incl MK1 golf). Off to look for the other thread talked about above now :)
  10. Have you had any more joy with this mate? I got my lead and software yesterday, after a fiddle getting it all to talk to each I have the same error message when i scan ABS. However when i scaned the engine (out of curiosity) it scanned fine... I've given up for today as the nights drawing in but will have ago again tomorrow
  11. Cheers for this chaps, i was just about to start a thread myself about what vagcom to get!
  12. i'm donning the scruffs as i type.. i understand that i'm looking for a loose/rusty spade connection? Thank you very much for your help its appreciated!! :) ---------- Post added at 05:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:21 PM ---------- Cracked it!! just got back from a celebratory drive!! was exactly that, droped the dash undertray and there was a dangling spade connector not plugged into anything! There trickiest bit was putting the undertray back in! I'm a very happy bunny after being sulky all day at work- thanks again!
  13. no, its the same as the mk1 golf style key, its not a original vw one though its a after market cut one by a company called silca. so possible that the orginial was the push button maybe..
  14. Sorry for sounding a complete novice (maybe because i am!) but i dont have a key with a fob on it, its just a old school VW key.. sounds different to that thread, is that the case? or can i go get my hands dirty :)
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