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  2. That one. it's in two pieces. One for the Radiator Fan Control Unit and the other holds the expansion tank on! I probably did sell my old one to you, was looking for it everywhere as I thought I had it still! :bonk:
  3. Hello, I'm after a VR6 Expansion tank bracket (with the fan relay bracket attached). Not too fussed about the condition as long as it's not bent and the fixings intact. It'll be getting sent off to be powder coated. Thanks.
  4. Now you've said it.. Maybe it's a hole for the accelerator pedal stop? That a big round plastic lug in about that position.
  5. Ahhh, I've looked at the Newton ones and I'm unsure what that circle is one of them? maybe a logo? I've also seen these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/863VAG1418BJ-GENUINE-VOLKSWAGEN-CORRADO-CARPET-MATS-SET-OF-FOUR/123128167387?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Meant to be genuine, but he's the only supplier - seem to good to be true?
  6. Hello, I've just picked up a VR6, 90k on the clock. I always change the oil and filter on any used car I've just bought (for the piece of mind). For the past 8 years it's been serviced annually by the previous owner using (formally known as Silkolene) Fuchs Titan Race Pro S - 5w40 I've had a quick search and some of you boys use the 10w50 for your engines. The engine in this VR is actually silky smooth, doesn't seem to burn any oil and is relatively quiet on cold start and when warm. The car will only be used in the dry months, but over winter i'll likley pull it out of the garage every now and then. Should I stick with the 5w40 or switch to the thicker stuff?
  7. Thanks Chaps! Yes, quite a story, I went with new cars to avoid any drama or messing about with repairs etc - I'm glad that worked out :lol: I'm loving the Passat and Corrado combo, I've been playing about with it so far and building a to-do list, which I'll post up shortly. I think the official colour is Bramble Metallic or Brombeer to the Germans, which translates to Blackberry!
  8. I have seen these, what is the quality/fitment like? The page doesn't show that much info or pictures so I'm a tad sceptical.
  9. Can you grab some pictures of yours fitted, please?
  10. Ask and you shall recieve... http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?107223-1995-Bramble-Metallic-(aka-Blackberry)-Corrado-VR6-Round-2-of-VR6-ownership
  11. They don't appear to have any black ones :shrug:
  12. P3rks

    Tool Kit

    Got one now.. Please close the thread.
  13. Seriously unlucky! I've come to the conclusion, that all new cars have issues. It's just how they are fixed and how anal you are about the problems. With old cars that have that certain characteristic, a squeak, ill-fitting, high clutch, funny idle. It's probably been there from new! We have a pool of 6 Octavia's at work, all the same model, colour, spec. Identical. Each one drives differently and has it's own little traits. And with new cars, you order, it's delivered and that's your car. With used at least you get chance to inspect and test drive before you buy. The issue is warranty work too. The dealer's don't get paid for inspection work, only work carried out to repair. And that repair has to be authorised by the manufacturer. It's always to a minimum. Take the BMW for example. It lost 1.5l of gearbox oil. The dealer knew it had leaked, they even knew the area it was leaking from (oil cooler). But becuase the car wasn't leaking under thier inspection - BMW refused the fix as it wasn't actually "broken" at the time. The mind boggles. And when you're paying £500 a month on PCP, fixing it yourself grates a tad.
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