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  1. Yes Car is still available.
  2. trung tâm tiếng anh thành lập công ty số điện thoại tư vấn luật http://luatngogia.net/ w http://tuvanphapluattructuyen.com/ nhac san cuc manh ng học được chút công pháp chính thống nào của Vũ Hóa Môn, toàn bộ đều là thần thông Ma Môn, rất rõ ràng, chưởng giáo chí tôn cùng thái thượng trưởng lão coi hắn là ngoại nhân. Nếu như cứ để hắn làm vậy, sớm muộn gì Vũ Hóa Môn chúng ta cũng bị đại họa ngập trời, không trừng phạt hắn, hắn còn tưởng rằng sau này thật sự có thể làm chưởng môn của Vũ Hóa Môn."

    Như Ý Tử nhẹ nhàng vung tay, phân tích rõ ràng từng câu từng chữ, khiến sắc mặt của vài vị Phó chưởng môn này cũng dần dần biến hóa.

    Vài vị Phó chưởng môn này tuy cũng có hi vọng leo lên đại vị chưởng giáo, nhưng mà bế quan ngàn năm, còn c

  3. FOR SALE Blackberry Corrado VR6 Full cream leather (Electrical adjustment) Mileage 138000 11 Months MOT Price £3750 o.v.n.o Car is in good condition, no rust, has some functional mods* see previous for sale link for details. In my ownership she has had the following - Eyebrow Spoiler. SWG scuttle cover Recent new starter motor. New Pioneer Radio/CD/Bluetooth/USB unit New gear knob and gaiter (original induced) Oil temp, pressure and battery gauges fitted 4 brand new tyres done less than1000 miles Roose motor sport silicon hose in blue, full set. LED daytime running lights (easily removable) Full coolant flush and change with PINK STUFF Crystal rear lights fitted (standard ones included) New standard front, rear and gearbox engine mounts. Engine oil/filter and gearbox oil change, (oil from opie oils) Replaced mirror glass with anti-glare, wide angle 'blue' glass. Kenwood SKC-SW01 sub woofer in the boot small but great sound Drinks holder in rear replaces ash tray ( original ash tray part included) Included in the sale are – 4 x 17” x 7.5" BBS RX2's alloys in excellent condition with 4 decent tyres. Extra gear knob surround in cream. New Heat Shield Hood Liner. Set of standard rear lights. Two sets of floor mats. s/s petrol tank straps. s/s radiator brackets. De-badged grill Set of plugs. *Here is a link to the previous owners for sale thread which gives info on the work done before I got her paint, engine etc. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?76583-Blackberry-VR6-for-%A34500-in-sutton-coldfield-west-midlands * Bad points – to be honest not many I had a brake pipe advisory at the MOT- 'front to rear brake pipe slightly corroded' So I had both replaced. I think the passenger side mirror isn't heating up. The oil pressure gauge isn't connected up yet wiring is there but haven't fitted the sender (supplied). Cigarette lighter plastic surround is broken. Have noticed a blemish in the bonnet. PRICE £3750 o.v.n.o. Car is located North West of Scotland. (Near Ullapool)
  4. Q2. have a look here http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=80896&page=2 you can easy get a decent under seat sub however it's unlikely to actually go under the seat but they take up practically no room in the boot and sound just right :)
  5. So I have a new oil pressue gauge (1 to 7 bar) can I just piggy back the wire to the gauge of one of the existing senders? or do I need to put in the gauges own sender, T-piece etc? and if I can piggy back it, which is it? thanks :)
  6. I also found out recently that if you undo the front engine mount and jack the front of the engine up access becomes much easier.
  7. A MK7 Ford Transit for work with Alloys, A bar/spots, remaped for more power. Not so much a car but still drive about in it quite a lot, an original 1964 Massey Ferguson 135 which I restored. The Corrado is for summer/weekends only. I have just managed to clear another bay in my garage of junk and am on the lookout for a MK1 GTi convertible just to really pose in :) ever since I saw one way way back in school I've always wanted one, so now would seem a good time but bieng extremly fussy I have yet to come accross a suitable candidate.
  8. Just the other day I was speaking to a guy about the Corrado and he was saying " oh yes Corrados they were great especilly the Storm it went really fast, what a car " I didn't really have the heart to tell him it was just a badge really and they were the same engines but at least he knew what a Corrado was :) Also a while back at a burger van lay-by stop a lorry driver walked by and said " Nice looking Corrrado you've got there, very smart "
  9. Well personally I think black wheels on anything look pants, but with a reason albeit maybe a little strange, when I see a car pass with black wheels it just like the car has thoses old rubbish wheels with the plastic look-a-like-alloy hub caps and they have lost them, a bit like this - except both are missing, and to me makes a car look cheap and nasty. I think it goes way back to my childhood when cars used to have shinny chrome hub caps and cars that had one or more missing were usually old scrappers, it's odd I know but I still feel that black wheels let a car down and make it look like a scrapper. So i'd go with anything thats not black :)
  10. Wow ..great video and the Redex looks to be a good investment, I must say I always thought it worked but was never sure if it was my imagination or not, and as luck would have it I've just done most of that to my Corrado bar the plugs/leads I have the plugs but have yet to decide on leads. I've also just done the engine mounts which that rado looks like it needs doing at around 157/58 on the video you can see the engine lurch forward quite a bit.
  11. Replaced front and rear engine mounts, was quite easy really, looking at gearbox mount tomorrow which doesn't seem so easy, lots of stuff in the way.
  12. I would also take a set and would be up for spotlight protectors as well
  13. I'd have the gear stick surround if you decided to split.
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