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  1. Anybody got a picture of what needs to be done to the front mount in order to clear the oil filter housing?
  2. Yes the car has a full cage with overhead bar (cage came from a VW Cup car). So Polycarb option is a possibility. But it does look a bit messy. Anybody got any pics? ---------- Post added at 03:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:41 PM ---------- Or does anybody know of a company who can supply fibreglass or Polycarb replacements?
  3. Hi all. Im currently building a Corrado track car and want to either weld up the sunroof or plate over it? Not really sure whats easiest option tbh. But thought i'd ask on here to see what others (if any) have done?
  4. Ah sorry. ummm cant remember off the top of my head what that other loom (off to the right) is for. But it is connected to something... There were no spare plugs anyway :(
  5. Nope.... no straight 6 pin plug :( Just had a quick look, the loom comes from the engine - ECU. Then another plug from ECU - fusebox plugs and x4 Lambda plugs (i think). There is also a small 2 pin plug too. Cant see that anything has been cut. I will stick up a pic in a sec
  6. Nice one. Thanks for your help! I havent looked at my loom in great detail yet, but ive plugged it all in roughly on the floor to see what goes where, and i do have the 2 ecu plugs plugged in. Without looking i cant tell you whats at either end of those plugs. lol But i guess i means i should have the whole lot.
  7. yes sorry i meant converting the 12v corrado pedal box to 24v. I am yet to buy a flyby pedal, but i intend to get down my local VW breakers at the weekend as they have a scrap mk4 Golf V6 4motion there. So i just need the pedal and i take it the loom from pedal to fusebox?
  8. Hi all, in the process of doing a 24v (2.8 4motion) conversion. The wiring / engine conversion, i intend on using the Corrado VR clocks, and the 24v ECU and harness. It seems straight foward, but i expect as the conversion progresses i will no doubt have some questions... but for the moment im wondering what people do with the Flyby wire conversion? What parts do i require? And is it a case of modifying the corrado pedal box to accept the mk4 golf pedal and loom?
  9. Hello all. New to the forum, currently have a fully stripped corrado shell which i am building into a road legal track car. Already have a low mileage 24v engine, and most of the parts to build it. I have a few questions so will post them in the proper place in the forum Cheers Si
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