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  1. I have been back a few times, but really struggling with this not being able to go to next page malarky! Hope everyone is well! Anyway, progress has been made! Both cars now have their heart removed, the Golf need its engine bay cleaned up, then the engine install shall commence! Watch this space 🙂 I shall also keep a track of the build on my instagram ejtaylor22 for anyone interested! Ill be back soon!
  2. My body work has rust spots all over it and needs loads doing. Under the bonnet is going to look great however [emoji1787] Personally I think get it running and driving how you want before you start putting cherries on the top. I remember my old c always getting ignored at shows because people would rather look at a Lupo on Rotiforms. What made me loose my love of the scene. Thankfully. All the cretins have moved onto Audi's and BMWs and the VW scene is slowly starting to heal back into the great community it once was. I'm just going to be allot more educated on what meets or shows I attend. Have you ever been to Bicester heritage!? It's awesome. I think we should try arrange a meet up there at the next scramble! Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  3. Great thread Graham! Loving it. Just went back through it all. Keep it going! Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  4. Never sold it. I spoke to the guy storing it and he might have provisionally sold it to someone however I am waiting for confirmation Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  5. The eagle eyed may notice the rather roached Rieger catalogue kept for nostalgia from the Corrado era. To be fair, its an awesome catalogue, with all info and part numbers to order direct from Rieger from Germany. Also looks cool in the garage, misses not to keen.
  6. So, updates. I collected the BRAND NEW VR6 Gearbox, I haven't even cleaned it yet, and look at it! Shiny bolts the lot! its crazy how fresh it is, just hope the inside is the same, it should be. The seller was an awesome bloke, also has access to allot of 80s/90s VW parts, he is happy to help with any requests, so if anyone wants anything, let me know I will message him. He knew Vince at Stealth so that alone is a pretty good confirmation he is a good bloke. Had a great catch up with Vince, dropping the gear box to him on Saturday, he is then fitting a Quaife LSD. I will then collect and take over the OBD-works for fun and shenanigans. I also now need to source a billet flywheel and a Sachs Clutch. Additional to the above, as I like buying shiny things, I have purchased a very nice leather VW Motorsport gear Knob (the standard plastic mk3 GTi one is shocking, it's so bad!) and some VIBRA-TECHNICS Engine mounts. CC parts selling well, although I am dealing with many a space cadet!
  7. So basically you can just pay him for the audio and the labour. Free show install. [emoji1787][emoji1690] Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  8. Well either £350 to me if you want to just buy it. Or free if you want Oxford car audio to fit it. Maybe pay Lem the owner the £350 instead. I could call him and ask what it might cost to fit it and get a separate quote for the audio. I don't work there any more but he is a very close friend. Sounds odd. But honestly it hurt me to take it out it meant so much to me and him. So you paying him (a small business in a hard climate) a few hundred to fit it would mean far more to me than any money. Have a think mate. It's going nowhere. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  9. Legend. [emoji106] Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  10. 2009 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT CC 3.6L V6 DSG 296BHP White, 114,000 Miles £5,490.00 We are pleased to present for sale this ultra rare 2009 Volkswagen Passat CC 3.6 V6 presented in the highly sought after candy white. Fresh import from Japan with an auction grade of 3.5 with no previous accident record. Covered 113,000 miles with extensive service record. Recently serviced alongside 12 months mot & U.K registered. Spec - 3.6L V6 FSI - 296 bhp. 6 speed auto dsg. 4wd - 4 motion. 17 inch alloys. Cream & black 2 tone leather interior. Heated/electric seats. Front & rear parking sensors. Rear electric rear blind. Rear heated seats. 4 x electric windows. Twin exhaust tailpipes. Sports/comfort mode suspension. Heated/electric door mirrors. Dyno audio. 2 zone climate control. Aircon. Cruise control. Xenon headlights. Front fog lights. Privacy glass. Electronic parking brake. Rain sensor. Auto lights & all other usual refinements.
  11. 2009, It has 114,000 miles, full service history, 3.5 Auction grade condition, which isn't the best but also pretty good, also the dynamic audio sound system (any takers). I had been keeping an eye on the market, it was up for 7.5k, he then dropped it due to lack of interest to 5.5k, i twisted his arm to 5k. I must say, a blimin amazing car for 5k, ill find the sale spec add and put it in here, its crazy spec. The power is what really surprised me, as said, it has been a while since I have been in a fast car, probably my mk7.5R estate running 400hbp, but this Passat CC 3.6 seriously impressed me, it felt crazy fast, sublime quality, and power just there, cant beat a well set up N/A engine. I would compare the CC to an E-Class Mercedes in terms of ride, power build quality, its just the shape that puts me off, im not really a saloon man. Estates all the way for me. But if you likes saloons, one hell of a car. I have since found out they also do this engine in a bl**dy Skoda Superb!!!! They are selling for about 5/6k and have insane spec. Regarding the Diff, appreciate the heads up, most the touring car teams still use Quaife, also I had Quaife in my Corrado and never went wrong, also UK made, and recommended by Vince at stealth. I have looked into the differences, but nothing is yet to sway me from Quaife.
  12. FYI, this is still for sale. I am struggling to locate the old thread trying to GIVE it away. For someone somewhere, its a 10k audio install. from the front seats back. 1 off. It is in dry storage and has been since i took it out. I will keep trying to find the old thread with it in, but atm i cant go through any pages on my old build threads so cant access photos.
  13. And yes, I have tried to buy it back numerous times and he wont sell it me, YET.
  14. I did think this, and still do, however, 3 things: 1. CORRADO PRICES! remember buying my VR6 for £1700... lol 2. What I love about the mk3, is me and all the family can hop in, fill up the good sized boot, and go on family days out, even a show or 2. The Corrado is not the best for getting kids in and out the back. 3. I have a maybe unrealistic hope, but Darren, who bought my Corrado, and has chucked about another 30k at it, was only sold my C on the condition I get first refusal on its sale. We speak now and then and I always remind him of said agreement. THUS, there is potential, one day I will own both the crazy Mk3 and what will always be the love ill never forget, my beautiful money pit. I do miss her allot. Part of this is just filling the hole she left. But I still think selling was the right thing, that car was like a crack habit, just chucked so much money into it and never rewarded me for it. Such a beauty though. one of those things you don't truly appreciate till its gone. Genuinely, I still get spontaneous moments of genuine depression, my god did i love that car.
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