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  1. Some really nice work going on there, keep the pictures coming, its gonna be great when finished
  2. Just read the 35 anni write up in PVW and a little disappointed that it mentions all other engines including the TDI and 20vT's but no mention of a TFSI or a DSG, and it was the only one there and that I know of, there is only 1 other in the UK, small moan over 🙂 I may have made another small purchase 🙂 K04 turbo setup, I'll then get it mapped to around 320 - 350 brake
  3. oh yeah, and I bought another toy to play with But I wont say anymore about the Ford 🙂
  4. Cars had a few trips out now including the 350mile round trip to the Corrado 35 meet, it didn't miss a beat so I have some confidence it it now Then had a local classic car meet which seemed to have a couple of classics and a whole load of ST's 🤣 I took this after most had left followed by another local meet at the pub at the bottom of my road 🙂 Had to laugh at the photographers that walked straight past mine to take photos of a gaggle of Fiesta's then walked straight past the other way 🙂 Then finally another old forum meet
  5. GrahamU

    2.0 16V

    Looks great, ready for the weekend
  6. Took the car to Alive and vdubbin today, longest drive so far since the winter rework 🙂 seemed to go well so happy with it. Couple of photos from the day Next update - I have a set of KW V3's arriving this week so thats the next thing to play with 🙂
  7. GrahamU

    2.0 16V

    Hi Mark, looks sweet and a good place to start
  8. It fits the centres of my BBS wheels meaning I can actually tighten them without worrying that I wont get them undone without damaging
  9. I had been written off but not logged because the fuel pump packed up, a pump off ebay got it running again, and the matt black wrap removed revealed good silver paint, its only done about 60k so he is hoping to sell it for about £3k, if it doesn't sell then he may break it
  10. Picked up this BBS centre cap tool today, A mate found it in the back of a TT he bought for £500 and gave it to me for helping him.
  11. Thanks for you kind comments, life goes on, I haven't been out to the car since it happened but I need to do something soon. I have today received a message to say the grill and rear badges I ordered in March are ready, so I paid for them and they should be on their way now. Thanks to Xavier at Renewart
  12. So in a way that all my best laid plans ever get shat on from a very great height, I was all booked to take the car to its first show of this year last Sunday, but on the Friday my wife was admitted into hospital, things got worse over the weekend resulting in her passing away late Sunday afternoon. Life is shit at the moment
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