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  1. I was in Turkey last week and saw N983 DAT in a compound at a port. It was badged as a Storm with BBS wheels, some lacquer peel on roof and cream leather and judging by the rust on the discs its been there some time(realised later I should have looked at tax disc). I'm posting here as it may be there legitimately but maybe not. If its been stolen and shipped there contact me and I'll tell you where it is. [ATTACH=CONFIG]79949[/ATTACH]
  2. I looked into this last year. The accumulator smooths out pressure pulsations and maintains pressure in the system on shutdown to allow instant starting. The conclusion I reached, based on info on the internet for the corrado and other cars was that basically any accumulator will work (some owners have removed it altogether and have no issues) though they vary in size and the pressure they maintain. If you search this forum you should find the discussions I had with members at that time. http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=79799
  3. Though you may have said it in jest, I think you have just demonstrated one of the differences between Brits and Germans. 4 hours cooking and cleaning is what they do on average not what they are required to do. They do it because they want to do it, they do it cos it shows their concern for their family, cos they think preparing real food is better than microwaving a ready meal. Its the same with child care, they see it as important that they raise their kids and instill their values rather than placing the kids with a childminder and going back to work asap. And because they as individuals see these as important, the whole of society supports this.
  4. I though like davidwort that this programme wasnt put together very well. Ive been a regular visitor to Germany for the last 20yrs, so there is no mystery to me in the success of the German economy and motor industry. If you didnt see it, watch 'Make me a German' with Justin Rowlatt and family shown last night on the BBC. It showed in an hour what I would struggle to explain about German lifestyle, attitudes, outlooks, values etc. If you see and digest the programmes message you will understand how different Germans and Brits are, and why they are more successful. Behaviour in the workplace which is condoned/accepted/tolerated here and which is totally against the interests of the company's future profitability and success would not be allowed in Germany. Its not just the management that would stop it, colleague/workmates would also not accept it: behaviour that harms the company harms everyone in the company.
  5. It was last year that I had my control unit apart. From memory 2 of the cables operate flaps on the passenger side and the third is on the drivers side low down close to the transmission tunnel. I dont remember the respective/function of these: one is the main flap which accesses heat from the matrix, one directs this between face and footwell and one is just for the demist (I think thats the one from the lever underneath the broken wheel). I didnt replace my cables so am not sure how difficult it is to replace them. I did remove shelves/trim under the dash to see where the cables went and verify they functioned. There are many threads on replacing the heater matrix/heater controls if you can find them. I am also aware that sometimes the foam surround on the flaps comes adrift and makes the operation of the flaps difficult. So the problem may not be your cable. I am not sure that the Bowden cables are still available. I find the google search better than the forum search in finding corrado problems/solutions: google takes you to the appropriate forum threads!
  6. I see you have now bought a second hand set on this forum. Be careful when you reattach your Bowden cables as its easy to break the plastic chassis: the clips require force to fit. You may also want to remove the thin metal V shaped spring altogether. Its purpose is to give a positive location to the position of the control knob, without it the knob just turns smoothly thru its whole range. These springs often come loose, slide under the wheel and jam everything: the user forces the knob breaking the wheel. If you dismantle your broken unit you will probably find the wavy tracks on the underside of the wheel are broken and since you say the lower wheel no longer meshes with the vert upper wheel, youll find the boss (rotation point for the wheel)has broken off the chassis.
  7. "been reading various posts which talk about the blue temp sensor, is this relevant to this issue / the 9a engine! No! There's confusion between the different engines. The 9A has 2 temp sensors. There's 027919501 which is on the end of the block above the gearbox and closest to the bulkhead. This has a single wire to it and is for the dashboard temp gauge only. Its widely available on Ebay and the usual suppliers. The other one is also on the end of the engine block above the gearbox, nearer the radiator, 026906161 (Bosch 0280130040. It has 2 wires to it and sends temp info to the ECU which then controls the engine appropriately. This is therefore the more important one. If you can find the VAG/Bosch part it will be about £25, theres a Meyle equivalent which VW Heritage supply for half that price the last time I looked. (The KR engine has a so called thermotime sensor: The 9A does not have this) (There's actually a third temp sensor on the head near the cambelt cover: this tells the rad fan to run when the ignition is off and the block is still very hot.) On a different theme, your photo shows another small issue to rectify! Theres a lead with a plastic polo like fitting at the end. Ignition lead 4 (nearest distributor) should be threaded through this, with the pointed side of the polo facing toward the distributor. The end fitting on your lead should pull off in order to thread the lead through the polo (if the leads are vw this is so, others ????). There are many threads on this!! Its an inductive loop which feeds a signal back to the ECU which tells the ECU if the ignition is being advanced correctly as engine revs increase. Lots of cars are bought with this unconnected, people have leads changed and its not reinstalled.......... Is it required, will the car run better with it fitted....apparently so else why was it fitted.
  8. bmwcompact

    Wiper Linkage

    You have to search via the classic part section on VW heritage site: heres a link http://www.vwheritage.com/vw_act_vwclassicParts.search.htm?classicSearchText=536955325
  9. bmwcompact

    Wiper Linkage

    I guess you are looking for a used part which may also be worn out! If you are lucky some dealer may still have a new one for about £14. If not, it can be obtained from classic parts in Germany. I paid about £25 for this last summer, obtained via my local dealer: part no 536955325. ---------- Post added at 9:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 9:18 AM ---------- I guess you are looking for a used part which may also be worn out! If you are lucky some dealer may still have a new one for about £14.70. If not, it can be obtained from classic parts in Germany. I paid about £25 for this last summer, obtained via my local dealer: part no 536955325. VW Heritage site says its available from classic parts, Germany for £14.78 plus £3.95 postage with 2 to 3 weeks delivery. They are often rather slow!!
  10. Haynes 1647, Passat 88-91 is the one usually recommended (and I own). There are other Haynes Passat manuals (covering more models) but my suspicion is that others have less info on the 9A than 1647. This certainly applies for Peugeot/Citroen Haynes manuals-my friends ZX manual has more info on my Pug diesel engine than my Pug 306 manual. As above Ebay advert
  11. On the front of the block, just above the crankcase breather (cyl 3) theres a machined flat with the no. It not very deeply engraved so is difficult to see. My engine no is 9A130409 so I think all 9As will start with 9A.
  12. There's a VW show this weekend near Kendal, Cumbria. I have no connection with the event but will be checking it out on Sunday. For anyone in the north thats interested I've attached a link to the show website. http://www.cumbriavag.co.uk/
  13. It does sound like an ISV related problem. But if the contacts/wiring are dodgy then cleaning/changing the ISV wont cure the problem. However theres a more likely cause. On the end of the throttle spindle (on the underside) is a potentiometer. Its not a throttle position sensor, but in effect its a couple of switches, which tell the ecu when the throttle is closed and when wide open. When the ecu thinks the throttle is closed (tick over) it then operates the ISV. Its not uncommon for this potentiometer to sometimes operate correctly and sometimes not so and hence to cause problems on tickover. There are many threads on this but, in short, my own experience is that since its an intermittent issue, the pot may check out OK with a meter but still be the problem. Since a new pot is silly money, a used one ( you usually have to buy the throttle body complete) is the answer. I think the KR engine (Golf and Corrado) had 2 micro switches on the throttle body rather than this pot so I think its specific to the 9A engine. I find Google to be a better search engine for Corrado issues (which includes posts on this forum) than the search function here on the forum!! ---------- Post added at 6:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 6:22 PM ----------
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