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  2. As per title...this car gets no use and is sitting in the garage sorn taking up room so has to go. Car is a 91 G60 in metallic black with grey cloth interior, and I'm pretty sure it used to belong to a forum member. The car has 184k on it but don't let that put you off...the car has been looked after regardless of cost and has the most comprehensive service history I have ever seen. Apart from 2 folders of receipts and previous MOTS there is a diary including dates, proof of ORIGINAL parts used and diagrams of any work done. Even the amount of wax coats and types of wax used when detailing are documented. This really has to be seen to be believed. Charger and timing belt done around 10k ago, again this is documented in the 'diary'. Car has good condition original BBS wheels with good tyres. Car also has chip, 68mm pulley, induction filter and boost delete, KW Coilivers, Jetex exhaust, sound system including JBL AMP, pioneer subwoofer and updated speakers. Also everything works including tilt/slide sunroof. Anymore info please PM me. Thanks Stel
  3. Hi all, After 4 years, a Honda S2000 and a MK4 TDI i have finally gone out and bought myself another G60. Its fair to say that i feel like ive gone back 10 years and havn't been able to wipe the smile off my face since monday night when i picked it up! Since it has been 4 years im very out of touch with whats currently being done with any G60 engines, I know theres not many left and tuning companys are now quite scarce for them. My old one used to get looked after by Steve at Pitstop Developments but theyre not around any more. The car has a 68mm pulley and apparently a chip but i dont know what chip it is so have no way of finding any tuning settings. Timing feels retarted slightly but i have no base setting to go by so don't wanna screw around with anything. My old one had various types of SNS chips fitted at different stages of tune and i was always happy with them. Where do i get one from now though? Been on the website which doesn't look like its been updated for a while...about 4 years funnily enough
  4. OMG!!! My old car :( .... You don't still have the engine by any slight chance do you?
  5. Damo, it's looking really really good. i'm so glad your looking after her, and a bit jealous :D How is the airfeed to the rallye intercooler with that front bumper? Because my plan was to cut out the number plate recess for more air ram to it. Also hows the new gearbox?it must be pulling much harder now lower down but what about top end? It used to REALLY move at the top end! Overall it looks like it's had a new lease of life and looks absolutely gorgeous! Havn't had a chance to see it yet but i really hope to see it soon. I'm gonna give it a hug cos i miss it. :D
  6. im glad to see your looking after her Damo. Would love to see it again soon!
  7. Hey, it's my old car!!! Hope you likin it mate. Looking real nice on the new wheels!
  8. Ive got an 8v version sitting in the garage. I presume yours is a 16v? If it is then your spec should read as follows 16V RE2000 conversion. This is the top of the range MK2 16V conversion for all-out performance! Power is increased to give a top speed of 133mph with acceleration to match. The conversion comprises: * Steel crankshaft of 92.8mm stroke, * Cylinder block specially machined with 82.5mm bore, * Lead-Indium heavy duty crankshaft bearings, * Alloy pistons with valve clearance cut-outs, * Gasflowed cylinder head, * Re-profiled inlet and exhaust valve throats, * Gasflowed inlet and exhaust manifold, * Selected valve springs, * Modified injection system. Great engines! If i had another MK1 id be putting my one in but i think i'll end up getting rid of mine, it's been sitting in the garage doing nothing for about 6 years!!
  9. Has anyone on here bought my old car? Or know where it's gone? I sold it to a mate who done the bodywork and other bits on it and sold it on. It was on pistonheads but he didn't have the spec right so if the guy that bought it pops up on here get in contact with me and ill tell you what the car had on it. Hope it went to a good home and i would love to see how it is now getting on.
  10. Yea it is, kinda crazy in the wet and its not been taken to the limit yet as i've only been drivin it to work to get the stuff sorted for the registration but yea it is a very fun car. Handles brilliantly too!
  11. Cheers!! It's not registered yet, jap import and the SVA is next monday, bit of an abortion for it to pass as the exhaust and wheels need to come off and replaced with standard items, but luckilly i know someone whos got standard stuff he'll lend me to get it through. In the meantime ive been lent my mates Corrado VR6 to get around in which is an absolute joy to drive.....so not quite gone yet!
  12. The Corrado had to go sadly, i miss it but it was time for a change. Here are some photos of the replacement
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