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  1. As most of you have probably noticed I've now got the car and engine etc listed on eBay. I've some really silly low offers for the whole car which is somewhat frustrating considering it has a mint black leather interior as well as a lot of other valuable parts. I've also decided to return my 1992 8V MK2 Golf GTI back to the correct 1.8 Digifant engine and matching close ratio gearbox, the the current G60 set up is going to be sold in parts. It's got a really good charger on it which I have a new wide timing belt to fit prior to sale.
  2. Here's the steering wheel, really nice condition. Also, a rear badge that's not damaged in anyway. And a pair of mystery brake cooling ducts, am yet to check the part No's but seem to recall they're G60 specific. Again not damaged in anyway. Not sure what to ask for stuff so going to research prices. The steering wheel is £150 posted. Some stuff will find it's way to eBay even though I object to their ridiculous fees. Sent from my SM-A115F using Tapatalk
  3. Another sought after part that I thought to advertise seperatly... My 1990 G60 breaker has a really four spoke design Leather Steering Wheel in great condition. It's only done 72K miles so has no ware spots or damage and is generally in excellent nick. £150 including postage to mainland UK address. Will remove it and add photo's later today.
  4. £150 for the lot inclding the bulb holders and I'll give you as much loom as I can, a good couple of feet. That includes P&P.
  5. Rear are lights are excellent and yes LHD and RHD are the same I also half another complete set from the last Corrado I broke so could put together a really nice set.
  6. Oh yes... I know all about the orange foam of death, we have it under our Audi headlings as well... Terrible stuff! I've removed the seats already, the car probably won't be moved now from breaking position just outside my workshop. It a non sunroof car and the headling and indeed the entire interior is mint. Thanks for the warning though, I've got to deal with it on my RS2, I'm taking the seats out of the car and covering the carpet before even thinking of touching the bloody headling.
  7. Getting lot of interest in interior parts... So removing them today with clean hands.😉
  8. This now sold pending collection and payment..
  9. Hi 

    Do you have the "trumpets " for the bonnet release cable - if so how much?

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    2. K Simmonds

      K Simmonds

      Evening Fergus...

      Collection booked for tomorrow...

      Tracking No...  TQ157232469GB



    3. frx


      Hi Kit

      Got the cable - thanks for that - top man.



    4. K Simmonds

      K Simmonds

      Evening Fergus,

      Thanks for letting me know you got it safely.

      Am glad parts from my car are helping others keep their's on the road.



  10. In that case it's yours I'm selling stuff on a first come first served basis.. Please PM me to sort out contact details.🙂 Now got a lot of intrest in parts from my breaker as well so am busy!😄
  11. Okay mate, I'll dig it out over the weekend, I need to find a wing for another member so I'll be in the attic at some point today.
  12. In in near Brecon on the Welsh boarders, not far from Hereford.
  13. I forgot to say my car is LHD so my passenger door is the offside so the door handle that side has barely been used. Sent from my SM-A115F using Tapatalk
  14. Sorry but they're not for sale seperatly to the door cards... I sold my spare set last year on eBay for an insane £100. I will not split up the interior in anyway, really it all needs to go in another LHD car. The door handle I can help with, mine are both excellent. Drop me a PM for contact details please.
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