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  1. Late Corrado 2.9 VR6 Throttle cable (RHD, manual g/box) Later VR6 - Throttle Cable, RHD, manual gearbox. Part no: 536 721 555 E According to ETKA, fits only chassis numbers: chasis 50-S-003001 onwards - 536 721 555 E 10 + 2.50 P+P List Date: 8/11/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Late Corrado 2.9 VR6 Throttle cable (RHD, manual g/box) -------------------------------------- SOLD -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Late Corrado 2.9 VR6 Throttle cable (RHD, manual g/box) Go Mobile: Download the free Panjo iOS app now!
  2. Wow! So good to see the car getting some TLC! So glad it's being restored... sorry to hear about the dodgy MoT. The guy I sold it to was called Jason, was that who you bought it from, or had it been through somebody else's hands? As you may have read on other threads, this car was my daily driver from ~2003 to ~2006 - best cat I've owned for entertainment value, always got out of it with a smile on my face :-)
  3. Option (iii) won the day! The dude who I sold the Audi wheels to had a mate who was just about to buy a valver to restore... he obviously preferred a VR6, cash exchanged hands and now my Corrado is gone. Even with no tax/MoT, seized brakes, and a non-starting VR6 lump he handed over a wad of cash I was more than happy with! Feeling a mixture of sadness & joy - the guy that bought it was so excited about getting back on the road again, and he sounds like he's got some subtle mods in mind too :-) He's giving himself 2 months to get it all sorted. Was a bit of a trial towing the thing down the drive, they ploughed the garden up before deciding to take the front pads out! Goodbye N690LFW (Some pics showing its rust/patina/green growth)
  4. Wow. That's a good memory! Thanks all for the advice, next job is to get it jacked up and inspect the underside, wheels off to free the brakes... get the engine running. Think I'll call all the guys who left notes on it over the years, and see if they're still interested in buying - maybe have a mini auction in the front garden ;-)
  5. Hi, not been round these parts in a long time... (re-logged on the forums yesterday after a good few years away but it's taken me until now to read Kev Bacon's (sure he was Haywire back in the day :-) epic exploits...) Anyway, I used to drive the VR6 as my daily driver from 2003-2006 ish, then got a new job, with a company car and lots of motorway miles. So the VR6 was SORN'd around 2007-ish, and has been languishing on my front drive ever since. Over the years I found lots of notes on the car "If this car is for sale please call me...etc." but just couldn't bring myself to part with the old beauty. Anyway, it's had 6 years of "rest" and is now causing serious marital issues (i.e. "the corrado goes or I go") - luckily a dude who came to pick up some wheels I sold on ebay showed some interest in buying it and awakened my interest in getting the thing back on the road again, either to keep or to sell. Over the years the engine's been regularly turned over, but last time I tried it wouldn't start (I'm hoping it's the OEM Scorpion alarm again, as it doesn't seem to like being stored with the battery disconnected and I haven't had time to try the "resync" procedure yet that I know caused it to "immobilise" last time.) Brakes have seized, so there's no moving it without a fight, need to get it jacked up, wheels off and inspect the rust... exhaust blowing (outer skin of the big box peeled off!) So the point of this post? Not sure yet - just saying hello again after some years away while I decide whether to (i) invest (probably a lot of) time & money in getting the car back to its former glory (ii) invest (minimal) time & money in getting it MoT'd & then sell it (iii) cut my losses & sell as it is with no MoT etc. as a project for someone to restore/"drop an R32 in" :-) (iv) (can't believe I'm typing this...) scrap it to local scrappy ???
  6. can't justify having three cars in the family! Wife and children need big family-wagon (car no. 1) - can't afford to keep VR6 (no. 2) and have company hack as no. 3....
  7. Well, 'spose it had to happen some day. Just started a new job and been forced to take a company car. Looks like the VR6 will have to go :-( :-( :-( Will have to think about tidying her up ready for sale once I can stop crying :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  8. In Ipswich (Corrado spotting capital of the UK?) Tuesday lunchtime - near the train station - double VR hit - first a Corrado M***HNS .... closely followed by a Golf VR6 (maybe highline???) N111VRG :-) Made my day.
  9. Well spotted EagleEyeHaywire :-) I saw this coolwall site thingy mentioned on the FTO owners club forum a couple of weeks ago.... emailed the owner to submit the C but only had my sig pic to hand.... didn't know it was gonna be cropped so badly either... then I lost interest and forgot to send a better scaled picture... Chris.
  10. Apparently the tyre-wall soaked up all the impact, so no paying for the armco - apparently one of the lads on the same trip last year had damaged 2 lengths of armco and a couple of posts and ended up with a £3k bill! And they wouldn´t let him leave before he coughed up! :roll:
  11. :D He's a mate I used to work with at Marconi in Liverpool - a dyed-in-the-wool Ford man until someone took him over to the dark side.... (hence his http://escort.accelerator.org pages - his long time restoraion of a mk1 1300 Gt Escort - plus the rest of his fleet, XR4i, Cosworth and a smattering of other escorts...)
  12. Anyone who was at the Dubsport Rolling Road Day back in Jan 2004 may remember my mate Dave with his modded Silver VTEC Prelude, who snook on the rollers right at the end... Anyway, Dave's been getting more and more into track days over the past years, culminating in a trip to Spa in Belgium with the Honda Revolutions club last week.... Don't think this is gonna polish out... http://escort.accelerator.org/images/pr ... d/dead.JPG :shock: Seriously - I'm surprised everyone escaped unscathed.... http://www.jackals-forge.com/lotus/movi ... _crash.wmv :shock: :shock: Apart from the crash and mega spin, Dave nearly wipes out the guy in the Lotus who wiped out first.... :shock: Anyway - in typical Dave fashion, he's just sourced another mint prelude, fresh off the boat (so not reg'd in this country yet) ready to reshell his bits from the silver one..... :roll:
  13. "It Can Happen" - genius can't believe this album's 20 years old - still sounds fresh today! Chris (feeling the 80's vibe...) 8-)
  14. Can you actually access the underside of the bonnet panel where yor dint is OK? Mine got jumped on by some yobs in the street (left fcukin big footprints on it :mad: !!!) and the under-bonnet structural bracing stopped me getting to the panel to pop it out :-( New bonnet time...
  15. ... get yerself a VR6 Jim :wink: then you'll have had one of each, and could truly say if you're over the C or not...
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