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  1. What's the best body you've got I have everything else I need just need a straight and tidy body? Colour, picture, price? Sent from my HTC U11 using Tapatalk
  2. As title show me what you've got... ? Don't need engine or interior just all panels etc. Thanks
  3. Alty

    WTD G60 Engine

    I've got an old bottom end that's sat in the garden so would need a full strip down but was working fine and only changed it because I got a deal on a refurbed bottom end with forged pistons etc. Yours for £50 if that the route you want to head... From Salisbury ?
  4. Alty

    Roll Cages

    Thanks, I'm only Salisbury so oxford is not to bad.
  5. Alty

    Roll Cages

    I've had a read of a couple post about roll cages or ones being sold, Not really a fan of the Wiechers cages! Can anyone recommend Someone and have pictures of there cages installed ? Thanks Scott
  6. Fog Lights Sold! :thumbleft:
  7. I think part of me was thinking it would just be easier and less hassle However, The Corrado is a permanent hassle at the moment! Good shout on the replate didn't think of that. Actually wanted to get this primed up to see how bad the finish was and actually i'm happy with the little prep i did and after 6 months+ only a little bit of rust has come through where the battery sits. Once the engine is built i can do mock up and dismantle again ( Oh What fun! ) I've also decided on colour "J37 - Liquid Yellow" Usually found on the Renault Clio a pearl yellow... Penny for your Thoughts ?
  8. Sorry to those guys that pm'd me about these items if your still interested please pm me again and I'll get you sorted asap!
  9. Soooo...... With some money saved up and the fire back in my belly for the Corrado it's time to crack on! I'm putting the engine back together and thought to myself with all this money going in surely I SHOULD... obtain new bolts top to bottom! Anyone know of any kits for sale ?
  10. I'll take both front indicators please. Pm

    PayPal details cheers alex

  11. No worries I'll keep you in mind if it doesn't sell through. Old style they are off a 91'
  12. Wow that's crazy GOOD. Noice!
  13. Fair enough Well i'll go in at 50 then we haggle a bit so it feels like you get a bit more so now we are at £45 Need postage ?
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