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  1. When i place the key in the ignition and turn to the first position everything lights up fine. When i turn the key to the starting position, I get nothing, no clicking or any noise just silence. Fuses seem to be fine, haven't checked relays yet. Prior to this the multipoint connector behind the dash was loose, so i reconnected it and then she stopped starting. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. If i don't drive my C for say 2 days, when I go to start her the battery is flat. I have heard of this problem, but can't figure out the cause. Any ideas on what can be the problem. There is no alarm, however there is an aftermarket radio. HELP
  3. Plug wires in the wrong firing order :roll:
  4. J Collins

    Noisy Dash

    The dash area around the steering wheel rattles and hums at idle on acceleration and at speed. HELP!!! :x
  5. Thanks for the responses. She's ALIVE :D
  6. My C sat for 4 months without a start. I've changed the plugs and wires, distributer and rotor,fuel filter and also changed the fluids. The engine will turn but will not start. Any suggestions? Thanks, John
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