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  1. well im now using silkolene oil,but i was using shell helix after i used synta
  2. take a look at oilmans posts,i used vw synta oil,and the engine used loads,i then swapped to a better quality oil and oil consumption halved,and other people found the same aswell
  3. this is a good website to report shitty roads http://www.bmf.co.uk/report-a-road/index.html
  4. i dont see the point in selling the valver,from the pics it looks a nice example,so id just change the engine rather than starting from scratch again and possibly put the valver in the G60 shell and then sell that on
  5. they have been around for a while now,not used them personally so cant comment,but they are a lot lighter than other discs and are meant to aid cooling due to the disc design
  6. theres a bloke called delta on the pvw forum that does conversions for about £400 as long you get all the stuff he needs
  7. sounds like it could of been a fouled plug that cleaned itself as you were driving it,mine used to do it quite often,just check no.1 and 6 plugs
  8. it could be a dodgy ingintion switch
  9. nice and discrete..just how they should be
  10. dazzyvr6


    fuel consumption isnt as bad as you think,i can easily get 35+mpg out of mine,which is just as good if not better than some G60's,although you will be tempted to put your foot down in the VR to hear that engine growl
  11. there are 4 16 or 17mm bolts which are inside the chassis,id give them a real good soaking in plusgas overnight as mine snapped taking them out
  12. dazzyvr6


    well in the first 2 years of vr6 ownership,i spent next to nothing on repairs,all i had to replace was wear and tear items,no major repairs,i think i spent something like £150 on it in 2 years..but thats all changed now..
  13. when i had my vag alarm,the fob closed the sunroof and the windows,using the key only locked the doors
  14. http://the-corrado.net/.archive/forum/viewtopic.php?t=26421
  15. i recently bought a new front ABS sensor from gsf which didnt fit to good,the gap is bigger than it should be,but its been fine
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