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  1. Hey Tomi, Is that headlamp switch still available and lights up properly? Willing to send to me in canada? Thank! Sky
  2. A fellow Canadian, hello from the west coast. Although I can't say I'm a fan at all of the black trim you chose to paint red, it's your car and all the power to you. Welcome to the site!
  3. A little work in the g60, still trying to find time to do the waterpump, had a little time tonight after work. Finally got the charger bracket off, I had to bust a little piece on the AC unit, the last bolt holding it to the bracket was completely seized and stripped, so thankfully the casting on the AC unit have way and broke :), I won't be running AC anyways, so no loss to me. I'm gonna clean the brackets up, get rid of the casting marks and give them a fresh coat of silver like I did on the read bracket, easier to clean and looks much nicer than the dirty corroded look they currently have ;) Also I had removed the charcoal canister and it's lines, capped the ports on the throttle body too, I just need to get a rubber cap for the intake manifold until I get a spare, modify it and get rid of the vac port on that, smooth it out and polish it. That's further down the road though. AC lines are now completely removed, cleans up the bay a fair bit without the extra clutter and lines. Ill be putting a little order list together for new waterpump bolts, shorter belt for the power steering and a different belt for the main drive as the waterpump will have a different pulley from an aba motor, no longer a v-belt, this is a good time to get new lifters and a new gasket so I can put on my other valve cover an do the stage 4 upgrade, I'll be throwing in some black samco's for the coolant lines at that time too, may as well if I'm draining the coolant system anyways.
  4. Had a suprise day off from work yesterday so I decided to throw the H&R's in, get rid of the 4x4 look while the bbs's are on. A little corrado dance party, working on both at the same time hahaha. Yes that's an umbrella over my work area hahaha, the rain was atrocious.. The fronts were a piece of cake, took me about 20 mins with a smoke break. I'll be raising the front about 3/4", I'll also be sure to throw on an r32 oil pan and pump on the new motor for some added clearance.. A little side by shot of the H&R and the oem. I haven't really played with the rebound since I did the install yesterday, but it rides really nice ATM. The rears were a total pain in the ass.. I won't ever buy a car that's from eastern canada ever again.. Seized and corroded **** everywhere. I am goin to town on this heap as soon as the g60 is back on the road. Word of advice. You see a corrado you like that's for sale but it's from Ontario? Don't do it man, don't ****ing do it, even if it's a colour you USA guys didn't get, it's a pain in the ass and you'll feel like: A) rocky punched your whole body like that side of meat Or B) you had the rock as your personal trainer for a day I'm so sore today from reefing on **** that my impact couldn't get to because of tight spaces, while laying on the ground in the rain. Just an awesome time. Thanks Ontario for your use of prehistoric methods of ice control.. I understand your winters are about 50,000x worse than ours in BC, but holy **** man.. There are better things to use.. I digress, pain in the ass and I didn't take an after picture because the car is super dirty and needs a wash, but there will be lots more!
  5. A bunch of new goodies showed up at my door while I was at work today Very nice and clean fog lights for the ice grey: BBM Stage 4 remainders for the g60 NEW leather oem g60 shift knob Still waiting on a NEW 94 oem corrado shift knob and euro fog light switch And a brand NEW oem European 90mm chin spoiler came today too. Also painted up a spare reservoir, to go in the g60 as well. More soon, gonna do some work on the BBS's soon. New lips and bolts.
  6. Just did a little cleaning an polishing last night on the wheels, they're turning out pretty good. They'll look great on ice grey I think. Was thinking of maybe running gold bolts. BFI doesn't seem to stock them right now, anyone know of a place that I can get actual BBS gold bolts? Got my replacement fog lights too, it will be a bit before I can install them do to having to chop holes in our Canadian rebar, crash standards were more strict so we didn't get the luxury of real fog lights.
  7. Something new for ice grey, they won't go in until they're all polished up and have the tires I want, maybe new center caps too. But a good start and the price was right.
  8. Lots coming in for new parts within the next couple weeks. Some very good changes for the ice grey car, also a few little extras for the G60. The first of the parts showed up today... Tuned for the cams, secondary o2 sensor delete, high flow cat and SAI delete as well, can't wait to change over to OBD2 when the new motor goes in. There's some more too, but I'll get pictures in daylight when I can, I have the life of a Vampire right now..
  9. 2 more little bits, just been polishing some spare parts for the G60.. This is one of the spare chargers I have that I decided to polish, it's almost done, just needs some 3000 grit and a polish wheel taken to it then it's finished, same with the valve cover.. And the wrinkle black and polished spare valve cover Next is the alternator casing, guess I'll polish that too, atleast it's not a rough casting surface like the charger was hahaha
  10. I've been slacking on updates, not too much new really, been working lots and not much time for working on the cars. The ice grey has had a couple issues here and there and they've been sorted for now, both the front axles have now been replaced and so have the wheel hubs with good bearings, all new bolts, control arms with r32 bushings, sway bar end links and has since been aligned and rides MUCH better. Here's some pics! Driving home one night and it started to sound pretty bad from the drivers side... Notice how there's nothing connecting the sway bar to the control arm?? Hmmm... Here's what's left of the end link.... And all the new stuff. Obviously everything needed to be cleaned off too, so I scrubbed the wheel-wells And then I started hearing scraping sounds... Let's see what else she has for me.. ****ty rusted up exhaust that the PO had put on.. Worst exhaust ever, I can't wait to ditch this when I get a new TT down pipe and a new high flow cat to go with my new TT borla exhaust.. Here's the chunk I ripped off! Then just a little test to see how the adapters fit and how far in/out the wheels fit, they're just temp wheels, I'll be getting something else closer to summer ;) something 3 piece.. That's really about all for now, I've done some more stuff on the g60, but I'll wait until I finish off a couple more things before I update on that. I also have mk4 rear calipers for the ice grey car, trying to decide if they should be coated red or black, I won't do those until I replace all the rotors and brake lines though.
  11. Well, got the new interior in the g60. Matches perfect with the colouring, still polishing one of my spare G laders. Maybe I'll paint up the other wrinkle black and polish the intake tube part along the top, options are good! A couple pics Recaro town Black is bak in the ice grey And the other set in the g Yes it's been vacuumed since lol And the charger progress. Just 2000grit at the moment, looking good so far. Can't wait to start the intake side.
  12. Finally done work for a bit, now time to update and get **** done! FULL CLEAN recaro interior for the g60 black ones will go back in the ice grey. And smoothed out my spare charger casing, now starting the polishing biz.. Also started to smooth out the schrick intake to get it ready to polish Aaaand just a shot of the 94, don't mind the brutal bumper lol, needs to get fixed along with the rest of the body, it will all happen when the motor is out and being swapped in. OBD2 is happening and the d90's will go on soon too. MK4 rear brakes and DE fronts showing up shortly for the 94 as well.
  13. So a little bit of a change... The ice grey car will be soon swapped over to OBD2 to accommodate the Schrick manifold, eliminate the EGR and ISV, also to get rid of the SAI pump and open up the world of chips and programming. Adapters are coming for the d90's, obd2 stuff will be on route, exhaust is just hangin out for now, new ball joints, tie rod ends, eibach sway bars, end links, carriers, control arms with r32 bushings and LOTS more. This is all for the 94. G60 is still parked for now... Water pump replacement is a total pain, the last bolt to get the AC and charger bracket is totally stripped.. Hard to fit an extractor in that area.. Specially when I have next to no time! But hopefully I'll get it sorted this weekend. New pump and alternator are just waiting to get installed. I'm trying to polish up the alternator before it goes on. Also got a couple new samco couplers so in can fit the eurosport boost tubes and ISV re route properly without cutting anything up. At this time I'm getting rid of AC and all the lines, and deleting the carbon canister and unnecessary vac lines attached. Just cleaning up the bay a bit while I'm there. Pics soon, when I get a day to work on this stuff hahaha
  14. Well, a little update. The g60 was making some terrible screeching noises, I thought maybe the charger decided to kick it after 1500km of babying since the install... Glad I had taken out the original charger and at the same time replaced every bolt, it all came off easily and took me maybe 20 mins to get the charger out. I went down to the local hardware store and pieced together a bypass system. This is what I made. All 2" ABS pipe, 3x 45degree elbows, a T and about 3' of 2" pipe Used a shorter belt to compensate, everything worked fine for about 5 minutes... THEN the squeal started up again.. I ruled out it bein the supercharger, the same noises that I thought were coming from the G lader are still happening, soooo I looked a little closer, listened in... Alternator is making noise. Out with that! Started to prep the at to throw the charger back on and also noticed the water pump impeller shaft is toast, wobbles around and feels like the bearing is toast. Awesome. Looks like half the engine is coming off to do the pump now. Gonna replace the front mount too while I'm at it.. Pics. Charger out Alternator out and dirty... Super dirty.. Everything will get cleaned while it's out. Going to paint up the charger bracket too since it has to come out anyways, good time to delete AC as well. AAAAND the MMP solid front mount (thanks Toffee) Feels great having both cars off the road! Hahha, new alternator and water pump are ordered, hopefully next week it'll be back in action..
  15. It's been a while! I'll try to keep it as chronologically accurate! Lots has happened since I posted last! Fitted some flush caps on the modern lines, much cleaner I think. A couple new toys for the ice grey.. And a full stainless dual resonated borla TT exhaust. I figure I'd go with the resonated exhaust since I'm going to be running a header too. I don't want loud and crappy sounding, I want a healthy motor with a sporty but mild proper sound. Small update, but one none the less! I think I'll probably cut the valve cover "cover" off the intake and fill in the center with a flush solid piece to make it look a bit more unique then polish it. Should look alright. Or I cut the "cover" off and polish the entire intake and leave the valve cover as is. Should look good as black with a polished intake on top.
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