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  1. 144 miles today so making headway into last years total , went up to the Ponderosa Cafe on the Horseshoe Pass in North Wales , more weekend wandering to come , the plus side of it not being my daily anymore is I appreciate the engine note and performance as after months on end driving a diesel fiesta ( I.e . Dull ) I get in the Corrado and even in normal driving it feels fast , whereas as a daily you get used to it .
  2. Popped it in for MOT after fitting replacement door handle from Lilfuzzer and walked out with a Pass Many thanks to Lilfuzzer πŸ‘πŸ‘
  3. looks like I,m covering average mileage then :cheers:
  4. Top man ! As soon as you can how much with postage?
  5. As above fellas my door handle is goosed , it previously had a Dave fix fitted but now the bit next to it has sheared off , MOT due tomorrow so no handle no MOT 😩
  6. Lilfuzzer did crazy take the drivers side door handle? πŸ˜€
  7. Bought a SpoonFedTuning front lip over Christmas and been out for a Spin today , give it some beans at one point and actually passed another Corrado for the first time since I bought it over 4 years ago massively made my day , it’s one of the best cars I,ve owned , I just don’t like it being stood for weeks on end but that’s up to me to put the miles on it !
  8. SpoonFedTuning 70 mm front lip πŸ˜€ no name for mine either πŸ˜„
  9. Grey 16valve I think in Chorley near Fredericks I was in my VR and it’s the first time in over 4 yrs of driving I have passed another Corrado in mine !! Que headlight flashing and waving , made my day πŸ˜„
  10. So I surprised myself how little i have used the VR this past 14 months , its no longer my daily as I get a work use vehicle , I had a Lupo handed back to me by my eldest daughter so the Mrs uses that on the shopping trips and the mundane so the VR mostly stays on the drive awaiting what exactly ? My big passion is my Split Screen Bus so my time off is spent with this on camping trips and a couple of shows a year , so again the VR sits waiting .... I have recently just had some bodywork atended to on the VR had the Speedlines restored and fitted KW coilovers and the car puts a smile on my face when I look at it and more importantly use it. The only trip of note this year was out to Abersoch for a weekend and a subsequent cruise round North Wales its these type of trips it is wonderfully suited to but once a year such a shame . My quandrey is do I move the car on and sink the money into something that will see more use and in the case of what I want appreciate in value more than a Corrado will ? I am hankering after a karmann Ghia and like most air cooled VW values continue to rise and as when I bought the bus it was a now or never because a VW bus would be out of my reach now if I hadn,t jumped in 16 years ago , Early Karmann Ghias are going the same way , decent projects now commanding 5 figures. But I do love my Corrado it just doesn,t fit in to what I do at present..... but it,s the only car I own that will crunch lots of miles very quickly and importantly in style ! The car lives outside which is another issue the bus is in the garage , I have just taken delivery of a car cover for the winter , because use of the Corrado is even more sporadic at this time of year, and really only involves start up and warm over and if roads are dry a drive of around 5 miles or so cruise out . It just seems a real shame to have such a cracking motor basically doing nothing and going nowhere....
  11. Wow 2 yrs since I posted 2016 came and went with the usual service at Awesome GTI but with new front discs and brake lines fitted and another MOT pass πŸ˜€ I have a company use vehicle for work now so the Corrado is massively underused as my free time is spent in the camper so long periods of inactivity which is a worry ad this is when electrical gremlins and other faults tend to materialise. The car spent some time in the body shop for attention to dings and scratch in back panel and a few little areas which if not attended to would have become bigger issues . Also had the Speedlines refurbed and KW coilovers fitted so the car has never looked so good
  12. Are these really hitting this money ? This is pretty similar to mine in every respect but I wouldn't have put that value on it ? In a real quandary at the minute the car is getting zero use at the minute as I have a company use vehicle and spare time driving is spent in my VW bus , so Coarrado not turned a wheel in anger now for around 3 weeks , it's a real shame as much as I love the car it's just never going to get any meaningful use.....
  13. Look forward to trip reports Wendy , would love to participate but not enough leave and just before another big trip so not doable.
  14. Can't join this jolly unfortunately it's just before I drive to Germany in my bus , is it possible to follow your movements and get your views etc on the places you visit? Looking to do North Coast 500 how much of this are you covering?
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