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  1. With summer months approaching, the faulty sunroof was calling me. I had purchased a replacement mechanism from Corrado.net anticipating a broken system. I checked power to the motor and that was fully operational so a sunroof strip out was started. The large metal bracket had snapped and the mechanism was dry and seized. So I gave the runners a clean up and used PTFE dry lubrication on the replacement moving parts. Everything went back in easily enough and slides very well by hand now. The cloth on the inside of the sunroof panel was very dirty so I gave it a wash with some vanish powder and a brush. Worked a treat! Woohoo! That's better. The system works smoothly now. There is still one hiccup in which the motor occasionally clicks and doesn't work so I think that might be on it's last legs too. But for now, I am a happy bunny. Gurds
  2. Been a while since I've updated this thread but tbh the old girl has been chuggin' along well. Most of my efforts have been focused on preparing the mk1 Golf but the time had come to give the daily some much needed attention. The head gasket leak had become increasingly worse and I was having to top up the coolant more frequently. It was starting to form a nice crust by cylinder 1. So I did the necessary and removed the head and associated parts. It all came undone without any drama. The head gasket had a little leak.... I was quite surprised that it wasn't ****ing out coolant or overheating. The head and block were undamaged so these were cleaned up as they were. The plastic guide was broken in two so that needed to be replaced. But even worse, the tensioner guide was very worn too. I had to do what I was dreading. The gearbox and flywheel had to come off to replace the worn parts. Oh well, at least it should keep going for a long time yet. All the worn parts were replaced and the engine reassembled. The only other part that needed attention was the crack pipe as it fell apart during removal and new oil cooler seals as these had started weeping. The car is back in service and purring like a big lazy cat should. Happy days. Gurds
  3. Yup that makes sense. Those brushes won't make proper contact.
  4. Thanks James. I prefer to maintain all my cars myself. Garage costs can be high and I like to know what gets fitted. Agree it was a painful process but replacing the clutch was always going to be the worst job out of the options available. Mileage wise, I don't think I exceed 6-8k miles in a year and the car is mostly driven locally for commuting and the school run which is all 30-40mph back roads and junctions. It's not great on fuel with anything between 22-26mpg achieved depending on the climate or how my right foot felt at the time but with such a large fuel tank it gets through 3 weeks without a visit to the petrol pump. The car itself is a gem and I really do enjoy driving it, even my daughter enjoys being dropped off to school in it. The only gripe is that it's not the easiest car to get in/out of if parked a little close to the adjacent car. In my ownership I have only had to replace a water pump, a fuel pump and now the clutch. Suspension was an upgrade I did at my own choice. Given that the mileage is over 100k, I don't think that's bad. Gurds
  5. So as the Corrado chugs on ferrying me to work and back, I am still smiling! I love driving this car! Until a couple of weeks ago that is.... The Clutch pedal has started to play silly games with the occasional loss of travel and a flick of the foot required to bring it back up. I started off with looking at the clutch master and slave cylinders. Looking rather crusty from 19 years odd in service. A Pagid replacement sourced from Euro Car Parts. And the master cylinder was swapped out for good measure too. However this didn't solve the issues and a clutch slip now became evident... Did I mention I hate fixing clutches? With the summer holidays in full swing, I could use the mk1 golf for daily driving while I operated on the Corrado. So I had no choice but to remove the gearbox. I didn't want to remove the front panel or cross member so did it the hard way. With the clutch out the extent of the wear was pretty obvious... Looks like it was the factory part too. New Sachs item in to replace. During reassembly, my attention turned towards the release fork. Found the cause of the dodgy pedal at least! Slightly bent then. The next day Rambow popped over and gave me a hand to put it all back together again. I really wouldn't have been able to wrestle the box back in on my own, thanks! A few hours later the car was back on all fours and purring like a kitten. Clutch now feels mega light and back to wafting to work. For 2x years ownership, I have to say I am really very happy with it so far. Gurds
  6. Thank you too Sir. I spent a long time correcting the roll center, adding caster and generally improving the handling on my Mk1 Golf track car so yes, I hold it in high regard. When I first bought the Corrado, the wishbones were pretty much level at factory height and was worried the Eibachs would ruin it. Thankfully they stayed in a usable height. I will be replacing the bushes soon as they are pretty tired now but will be looking to fit OEM rear beam bushes and fitting Superpro rear wishbone bushes which have added caster. Should all make a notable improvement. Gurds
  7. Thank you. Yea the Speedlines are very pricey new. Pity really as they'd probably sell a lot more if the price was more favorable. Gurds
  8. Cheers Phil. It is a nice car to drive. Pity there aren't some nice bends on the way to work instead of outer London traffic. Agree Kerrly, these cars are pretty sorted to start with so minor tweaks makes them good everyday cars. Although the urge to modify is always strong. I have 4x friends with R32 powered mk2/mk3 golfs and having driven them tempts me so. They even return better MPG in the lighter shells running on factory management. Also I really do like how these look: Gurds
  9. The didn't ask for the old one back an no surcharge on the bill. Gurds
  10. Thank you all for the pleasant welcome and appreciation. So with a basic service carried out last week, a small water leak had been revealed on the offside end of the engine. With the water pump and crack pipe being the only things to leak at that end, I popped into VAG for some new parts. Only problem, parts are on back order with a 5 day waiting time at least. With the car in daily use, I couldn't afford to wait so Euro Car Parts is was then. Patient in for surgery Airbox and gubbins out the way. Rear offside and front engine mounts unbolted and gearbox mount loosened. Unclip rad fan wiring and jack up the engine until the water pump is clear of the chassis leg. Undo pulley bolts while belt is still tight. Release the tension on the belt using an M8 screw into the tensioner. You can just make it out in this pic. Pump out and a lot of water on the garage floor. In this pic you can see that the main shaft had been leaking water from the pump. Clear evidence of failure. Reassmbled with new pump and belt refitted. Don't forget to tighten those pulley bolts after tensioning. Put the airbox and stuff back in. Tighten the engine mounts and reconnect the rad fan wiring. Man the aux water pump certainly makes a racket while all the air works itself out. Not a bad job on the whole though. Happy with that and back in service. Gurds
  11. Thank you very much everyone. Yup the car is very straight and rust free. The underside is the same too. I wasn't in the market to buy one but this was offered to me at the right time and was too good to pass up. Yup, that's me on CGti with my red mk1 Golf track car. Remember your name too Coullstar. GlosterOx, I've just seen your sig. Interesting as the rear screen has a weathered Corrado Club of Great Britain sticker on it. I left it on there even though it's quite tired now. The B12 kit I have isn't the dedicated Corrado VR6 kit but the mk3 Golf general kit. I don't think the harder specific kit is required for a daily. Gurds
  12. Hi All, I am a new to Corrado.net but have been reading into topics since buying my 1st Corrado in Feb so though it was only polite to put up some pics of my car. It's a late model VR6 in Twilight Violet. I bought it from a friend as an almost completely standard car. The only addition being some 288mm brakes from a Golf VR6. Being used to driving Golfs etc, the Corrado driving experience was certainly a pleasant one. I like the low down feeling when sitting in it and the poise when changing direction. However, the 4x4 ride height lets it down. Here it is. Took the car into work and had the fuel pump fail on me! This was the 1st day I had started to use it. Oh well, pump replace and has been going well since. There are some other small issues that need rectifying such as the tilt 'n' slide that doesn't work, the one touch windows that can only be used separately and not together and the ABS system that doesn't work (ABS light permanently on). The bonnet had seen better days and was heavily scored so some time spent with the buffer and a little Menzerna soon fixed that. There are still some areas that need addressing but can wait for now. The paint on the car is in very good condition bar the lacquer peel on the front bumper only. Easily sort that in the future. So while trying to find a deal on suspension, I can across someone selling a Bilstein B12 (The later Eibach version) kit for very little money. The set was described as a little rough looking but in perfect health. I took a gamble and went with it. No leaks or damage present so on they went. Already sitting at a much more pleasing height. Good thing is the Wishbone angles and suspension geometry is all still at usable angles and haven't put the roll center through the floor. Should handle nicely. After settling down a bit, the height leveled out nicely. The old shocks were shot to pieces so now the chassis really woke up. The turn in is much better and on/off throttle and high speed corners are much better controlled. It really is true that the harder you drive, the better this suspension performs. Also, the ride isn't at all unconfortable as these kits seems to be described and I drive to work over speed bumps and residential roads. The car also sits level when it has a full tank of fuel but becomes higher at the rear when near empty. Next up, a friend of mine was running a rolling road day so I decided to take the car over for a power check. It was strapped to the Dyno Dynamics rollers know as the heart breaker for it's less than optimistic power readings compared to other places. Not bad results for a car with 125k miles on it. :thumbleft: And yes, it's not a Storm but a typo from the operator. So that's were I stand in almost a year of Corrado ownership. This weekend? Water pump replacement as it seems to have sprung a leak. Gurds
  13. Hi, do you still have the clocks surround and screw cover tabs as shown in this pic? Thanks. Gurds
  14. Thanks! One of the few things that needs sorting on my Corrado. Gurds
  15. Hi Yacobwood. I'm happy to buy this if you still have it? I can send my bro over on the weekend, cash on collection. Gurds
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