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Found 2 results

  1. Ok so the story so far………………. New Battery (Bosch S5) New Fuel Pump including sender unit Siphoned out all old fuel Clean up of fuel tank New fuel (20 litres) New Spark plugs (Bosch Super Plus) + fogging oil applied to all cylinders Fuel Pump relay connector: Check pin 30 - Constant 12v present Check pin 87 - Signal working towards Fuel Pump when bridged via 30 Check pin 86 - 12v present upon ignition Check pin 85 - "- 0v" reading present upon cranking, which I understand is correct? Fuel Pump Relay New relay installed Proceeded to turn the car but still no explicit/loud sounds of the Fuel pump priming however fuel is being carried upon cranking of the engine, tested via checking fuel line to injectors. Distributor/Spark Plugs Is spark present at spark plugs - No Is spark present on King lead from Ignition coil - No Ignition Coil Removed Ignition coil and correct ohms present when testing with multi meter. Primary coil 0.6 Ohms (must be 0.5 to 0.7 Ohms according to Bentley) - Correct Secondary coil 3600 Ohms (must be 3000 to 4000 Ohms according to Bentley) - Correct Check continuity towards Ignition coil (Green wire) from ECU (Pin 25) - Yes Check voltage to Ignition coil, should be 12v - Yes From this I gather the Ignition coil is "functioning". Hall Sensor Harness Check continuity towards Hall sensor harness (Red/Black) from ECU (Pin 😎 - Yes Check continuity towards Hall sensor harness (Green/White) from ECU (Pin 18)- Yes Check voltage to Hall sender harness upon ignition, should be 12v - No Pin 1 = Ground Pin 2 = Should be under 12v and fluctuate towards 0 when cranking Pin 3 = 12v - No ECU relay connector: Check pin 30 for 12v - Yes Check pin 86 for 12v at Ignition - Yes Check pin 87 for Voltage? Yes on ignition ECU Relay: Connect pin 85 to negative - Yes Connect pin 86 to positive - Yes Does it click, is coil energizing? - Yes If Yes, Connect 85 to negative Connect 86 to positive Check continuity over 30 and 87 with Multi meter - Working ECU Check pin 1 on ECU for 12v at ignition - Yes (Starter power) Check pin 3 on ECU for 12v at ignition - Yes (Fuel Pump Relay) Check pin 12 on ECU for 12v at ignition - Yes (Injector Power) Check pin 14 on ECU for 12v - Yes (Power from Control Unit Relay) Check pin 22 on ECU for 12v at ignition - Yes (Idle stabilizer valve) Check pin 25 on ECU for 12v - Yes (To Ignition Coil) Fuel Pump Relay: New relay installed, Continuity present, Voltage present. Pump still not priming Ignition Coil: Continuity present, Voltage present. Hall sender harness: Continuity present, no Voltage present - should this be coming from the ECU? ECU relay: Working as far as I can see but will change for a new one as it was already on order and in the post. ECU: All checked pins receive inbound voltage, however I have no further points of reference to check whether the ECU is distributing the signal to the various components. In addition still no Tachometer readings along with fuel on dash. Does all this point to a faulty ECU? 😐 Any suggestions or corrections welcomed Kr Dee
  2. hi, i have a squeel on startup only for a few seconds then this goes, is this the fan belt? if not what is it, how do you fix it and how much usually.... Thanks. :bonk:
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