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  1. EssexG60

    G60 radiator

    Hi mate, any luck with OEM? I am in the same boat now. Seems Aluminium is the only way forward as no one seems to stock OEM.
  2. Finally! New Blower arrived, easier job than I thought and what a difference that has made! Thanks again for the help guys.
  3. Thanks Will let you know how I get on! Just waiting for the Blower Motor now and a free afternoon.
  4. Perfect!! Parcel shelf is just 6 bolts I've heard. Will the side panel in the footwell need to be removed to access any bolts for the shelf?
  5. Little late to the party 🙂 I need to swap out my blower as a result of a few issues..... If that PDF is still available please let me know 🙂
  6. Thanks, will have a hunt for OCD locations. Let me know how everything is running once you can. 😀
  7. Thanks mate, all good with Jabba I assume?
  8. Evening all, Any general recommendations on places that can complete supercharger rebuilds apart from JabbaSport? Original supercharger seems to have been installed by JabbaSport in my G60 and then looking at the paperwork was serviced a number of years ago by G werks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Finally some traction today.... New ECU installed and the car has fired up into life!! Due to the weather couldn't keep it running for long but there is life ...... a bit of white smoke which we will need to look into however we have progress... 😉
  10. Thanks mate, that looks very similar to the diagram I have from the Bentley, this is specifically for the Corrado PG engine. I merged 2 of the diagrams together to show the entire connectivity to and from the ECU.
  11. Thank you Gerard, your help is much appreciated. Will drop you a message if need be, have a great weekend.
  12. Thats Epic, yes what I was looking for. Just helps with further troubleshooting. The one I saw on the other forum also direction of signal etc but this will do. Do you have the whole book ? 😉
  13. All, By chance does anyone have any details from Autodata or equivalent showing the G60 Digifant ECU connector pin-out? Basically a breakdown of which pins go to which sensors indicating which values should be seen for the sensor in question. More importantly it can also show the direction of travel for the signal i.e. ECU to sensor or Sensor to ECU. I have an example of a print out for a Polo G40 from a different forum but was not sure I was allowed to share the screenshots.
  14. Thanks for the details. I have managed to source an ECU which should arrive by the weekend. No promise that the ECU itself will be "perfect" as it is used but definitely worth a shot at this stage. Failing that I may require a trip to see the gents at Corrado Graveyard. Fun and games 🙂
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