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ProdigalSon's G60: MOT pass! *phew*

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Someone once mentioned that Prodigal's car was rat-look and I had to explain it. Bless :o :shrug:


:lol: I think that was just before you said 'How come our Corrado tool kit screwdrivers have different ends?' :lol:

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Did about 5 hours work yesterday, and accomplished the following:


- took inlet manifold and throttle body off

- removed broken fuel rail and checked the injectors

- earthed the lambda probe to the engine (seeing as I had good space to do so at this point!)

- fitted new fuel rail and installed fuel hoses and FPR.

- re-fitted the throttle body/inlet manifold with a brand new gasket (boost monkey: :salute:)

- tightened up then checked all the connections (fuel, air, electrics) three times over!


Unfortunately it was a bit of an anticlimax as the battery had gone flat at some point in the last two months :roll: After a jump lead start from the missus Honda (thanks honey :wink:), the fun began... :)


White smoke from the rear of the bay was only bits of fluff and stuff burning off the exhaust manifold, but the worrying thing was the loud rhythmic click, about once per revolution :eek:


Quickly checked the oil, all good, but noticed that the click was getting quieter all the time, until it became part of the normal running noise *phew*


Have to reinstall the gearbox-to-gearbox-mount strut today, then will see if my hydraulic clutch replacement has fixed my gear change woes, or if I need to change the friction parts also.


Oh, and will try to get it washed and some respray pics up :wink:

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Oh, and will try to get it washed and some respray pics up :wink:



your going to get a reputation as a pic tease. :)

Sorry guys, was a bit disheartened when I tried to put the newly-running engine into gear and it wouldn't go :( Nearly put the car into busy traffic when I got it into reverse (despite the clutch) and it nearly threw me down the drive and into the road :eek:


Guess my clutch friction/mechanicals were the problem after all, or at least an additional factor. I have a new VR6 clutch kit ready and waiting, and will attack it tomorrow but still haven't washed and taken pics of her yet, lost interest when I realised that it still wasn't drivable *sigh*


Oh well, roll on the long weekend - hope to have it fixed tomorrow, AutoGlym'd on Sunday (cheers in advance boost monkey :wink: ) and cruising on Monday 8)

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Guess my clutch friction/mechanicals were the problem after all

No comment :roll: ... it will be done soon though :cheers:


Oh well, roll on the long weekend - hope to have it fixed tomorrow, AutoGlym'd on Sunday (cheers in advance boost monkey :wink: ) and cruising on Monday 8)

You'll be lucky pal! I will either be popping down to Stanford on Sunday or up to Donny, plus doing Aldates in the morning and trying to fit in some revision somewhere? :shrug: You can borrow the AG bits though no probs :salute:

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Stick with it, Andy. Follow little bro's example ;) Gonna be absolutely cracking once all up and running 8)

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Hadn't quite clocked what a major task it would be to replace the clutch :eek:


Halfway through now after 6 hours work yesterday, and here's what the missus and I have done (not necessarily in order), with some guidance from the boost monkey :thumbleft:


- Car up on axle stands at the front, both wheels off to give better access to driveshafts etc.

- Grille and offside headlight out to gain access to radiator fan's cowling bolts

- Front boost pipe removed

- Cowling and fan removed to gain access to starter motor

- Starter motor out and resting on engine front mount

- Front mount top nut loosened to give more play in height

- Trolley jack under gearbox to adjust height and (unltimately) bear the weight

- Coolant reservoir unhooked to allow vertical access to gearbox mount

- Gearbox-to-gearbox-mount strut removed

- Gearbox mount removed

- Differential-to-gearbox-mount bracket removed

- Gear change cables detached, and their bracket unbolted and tied up out of the way

- Clutch slave cylinder removed and tied back

- Driveshafts unbolted from the differential

- Nearside balljoint unbolted from the wishbone, track rod removed from wishbone, hub tilted out at the bottom...

- Nearside driveshaft rotated around wishbone and tiewrapped to anti-roll bar at rear

- Gearbox earthing strap removed from bellhousing

- All other bolts removed from between bellhousing and block, except the 'double threaded' bolt that takes the earth strap, and the other 19mm bolt to the rear...

- last two major bolts 'eased' with Plusgas and a 2 foot breaker bar :D , stands left under the sump and gearbox for support overnight

- All nuts/bolts/bracketry individually tagged with location as we removed them, so that we won't have any left over afterwards :lol:


Just about to crack on with part 2 - feels like the actual clutch changeover will be a cinch compared to getting it all back together!


More news later...

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Man, this stuff takes soooooo looooooooong!


Big props to boost monkey for being a true mechanical hero and coming over last night to help us drop the gearbox off, swap the clutch, and put the 'box back on...


Would probably just be getting there now if it wasn't for those 3 hours :thumbleft:


Anyway, we got the box off last night after suspending it from bits of nylon webbing and giving it a good wiggle underneath :norty:


The friction plate was pretty destroyed, the release bearing was badly worn, and the friction material seemed to be worn down to the metal :eek:




Bell housing and gearbox finally off! (Release arm removed for cleaning and new release bearing fitment):


The flywheel looked pretty gross too (polished up nice and silver later though :wink:)


Amazing what a rag and a dab of white spirit will do (this was the same colour as the inside of the bellhousing :gag: ):


New friction plate (basically all new parts are 'uprated' as I bought the VR6 kit)...

ETKA Corrado.pdf_DSC8107Small.jpg[/attachment:2mesbq9x]

And old plate, basically worn flat - and look carefully at the left side...


Yes, that's just disintegrated metal and some badly gouged springs :pale:


New release bearing:

passat climatronic wiring diags.pdf_DSC8111Small.jpg[/attachment:2mesbq9x]

The old release bearing had nasty dents in it and a 1mm trough all the way round, seeing a pattern emerge yet? :lol:

climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdf_DSC8112Small.jpg[/attachment:2mesbq9x]

The old pressure plate wasn't too bad, but we used the new one anyway, and cleaned everything down with white spirit to get rid of grease etc.


I bought the VW clutch alignment tool, and I must say that it was a sweet fit (that's it poking through the middle of everything). Was a bit expensive though :roll:

2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdf_DSC8121Small.jpg[/attachment:2mesbq9x]


The gearbox took a bit of a wrestle to get back on, but we got it there, and slapped in the two 19mm bolts at the top of the bellhousing to hold it. boost monkey then proceeded to refit the flywheel plates, random other gearbox/block bolts, and re-attach the driveshafts to the differential while the missus and I ate dinner.


Two words - Total Legend :clap: :salute: :notworthy:


Cheers bro :wink:


Today's adventure - putting everything else back! We did everything previously mentioned in reverse, except reconnect the gear linkages, refit the gearbox strut and clutch slave, reconnect the battery, and put the front wheels back on.


Should be all done in the next couple of evenings (fingers crossed!) - I'm getting quite excited by the thought of driving it again - 9 weeks is a long time :D

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Well after 9 weeks, 4 days, 2 hours and 17 minutes (well, maybe I made up the minutes bit), the Silver Bullet is back on the road, and driving just as well as before the infamous pre-Christmas bonnet release episode! :clap:


I got home this afternoon to find my beloved waiting with all my tools and my boiler suit, telling me "it's time to work on the car" :shock: Had to check that I walked in the right house!


Hardly took us any time to get the rest of the car back together again, although we did have a hiccup with one brake heatshield rubbing on the disk and one 'loose' boost pipe jubilee clip :roll: "Has it always been this noisey?"!


Once those were sorted, we were finished, and with daylight to spare, so the two of us downed tools and went for a spin to check her out.


Once she and I had checked that it drove OK and the gear change was fine, I took it for a long burn around the ring road, and took boost monkey for a symbolic 'celebratory cruise' too :lol:


I realise now that all the hassle and long hours were worth it, felt so good just cruising along in my C. :luvlove:

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:clap: :clap: :clap: 8) :notworthy: :salute: :cheers: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Excellent news dude!! Hope that bonnet came in handy! :D


So, you got some piccies of the beast now??

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Yeah, it does need a bit of cosmetic TLC - looked fine up til the weekend, then we seem to have had a combined dust storm and attack of the pigeons overnight :bad-words:


The bonnet came out really well from the respray, they fixed the chip at the front and the finish is really nice :nuts: You'd be proud of it mrbeige :wink:


As soon as it is minty fresh, I'll get some pics up - honest :)

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dirtytorque, check out icanhascheezburger.com - home of the lolcats.


Prepare to laugh so hard that milk comes out of your nose. You have been warned. :lol:

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Sorry for the delay, been out of the country, and then in bed with a chest infection, but finally summoned strength to give the C a wash and wax, and clean the alloys :clap:


Took a few pics in front of the local park before the light faded (no, those aren't the gates to my mansion :lol: ):


Corrado conversion V2 (3).pdf_DSC8550.jpg[/attachment:2oajtgkx]



ETKA Corrado.pdf_DSC8557.jpg[/attachment:2oajtgkx]



passat climatronic wiring diags.pdf_DSC8562.jpg[/attachment:2oajtgkx]

climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdf_DSC8564.jpg[/attachment:2oajtgkx]

2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdf_DSC8567.jpg[/attachment:2oajtgkx]


Next up will be a bit of an engine investigation - want to check big end bearings etc. as it's done 174k now... Will sort out phenolic inlet gasket and possible exhaust wrap/insulation when the engine's out, later in the summer :) Funds permitting, I may even lose the agricultural ride height :roll: :lol: And a set of 16" replica LMs would also be on the wish list :clap:

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Beautiful :D

Thanks :nuts:


The only problem with the respray is that it throws all the non-resprayed bits into stark contrast :( Both bumpers and the rear end look scuffed, chipped and dirty compared to the front... Thankfully you can't see any of that in the pics - I chose my close-ups well :norty: :lol:

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