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  1. an ok season,well pretty good actually.Shame the two brits just didn't have the hardware to do the job. .... I wish they'd bring back refueling though for a more strategic edge.And the goodyear tyre lasted waaaay to long too on most tracks imo.
  2. dirtytorque


    tha'ts upsetting lol.
  3. if they don't win they will look back and think"how the fluck did we loose that????" That car is rapid.And how many poles have they had?? Probably easier to ask how many they havn't had.I can only think of two.
  4. oh no.He's gonna end up winning isn't he(Alonso). Oh god how unbearable. :)
  5. they can deteriorate over time.I have one in my shed i think.
  6. sounds like ignition switch to me(after a quick skim read lol so lazy.)
  7. trying to picture who u are... nope sorry.It's gone.
  8. Does sound odd. well if ur at the point of despair swap the cam back and see if it solves ur prob?!
  9. that's why they call it pub talk. :)
  10. they should as this is one of the main hrdles that puts of uk builders. :0)
  11. ...but I believe thse mount the alternator at the rear or the engine bay and on a Uk spec car it would foul the break servo.
  12. do a search on 16vg60 there are easier routes to 16vg60 power levels. :) Can't remember why i decided to do mine lol.
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