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Hello from OCD

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Well it's great to finally get a spot on here! Thanks to Andi for sorting it.


I'll just say a quick hi as I'm guessing a lot won't of heard of us, we've only been running for a year and a half but I've only been running OCD full time since June.


I've relocated along side Darkside Developments in Barnsley which has allowed us to grow OCD a lot more than I could myself from home!


The main aim is most certainly offering top quality service to you G60 & G40 nutters out there :) We pride ourselves in our G-Lader rebuilds and quality of parts used on these and general maintenance or supply to yourselves.


We're also be bringing new products to the market that we feel have been over looked or just not given enough attention.


I'll keep this updated with new bits we're bringing and jobs we're on with but if you feel there's anything we're missing out on then please feel free to tell us and we will certainly see what we can do :)


We're on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/onlychargeddubs

Our Twitter is @onlychargeddubs as is our Instagram page so please give us a follow


Most importantly is our brand new web shop - http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk please take a browse and shout up if there's anything we need to add, we always are adding to it but there might be something we miss out.


Thanks for your time, Matt

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With us being new we're always looking to bring new things out and one thing I'm dying to do is 4 branch manifolds and exhaust systems so if anyone is in the market for one and is looking for something of very high quality please get in touch, first ones in will mean car is needed for a couple of days at least but we'll be able to offer you a decent discount for letting us demo on your vehicle :)

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Have you ever thought of also looking into doing Vortech rebuilds? I ask as there are quite a few of us running charged VR6 and also on VR6 OC.

The only place (as far as I know) doing Vortech is http://superchargerrebuilds.com/ who sell the kit parts for the rebuilds pretty cheaply but the postage is the killer as they are in the USA.


Would love to see a UK company start to offer this service.

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Owen - sure we can arrange something, we're pretty open for bookings still, I've gone from full time employed to full time self employed so my time is mostl ly filled with advertising and website stuff and less workshop so just drop us an email with dates that suit you.


Hofmiester - I have been asked a couple of times and it's something I'm wanting to get into just yet to be sent a charger to play with and make me source parts!

I'll stick it on the to do list for Monday though :)


Another thing I'm looking at is getting Rotrex kits available too but seems a very complicated dealer system they have!

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